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Is organic food biotechnology?


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No, growing food organically has no connection to biotechnology. Biotechnology produces food that is genetically modified. Organic foods are not genetically modified.

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That they focus upon living organisms and systems through different agendas is the relationship between biotechnology and organic farming. Biotechnology stresses in-lab means which include genetic modification whereas organic farming will accept nothing genetically altered, non-organically made, or off-site produced.

Roger Angold has written: 'Food biotechnology' -- subject(s): Biotechnology, Food industry and trade

biotechnology helps in creating the food which is a inbuilt medicine. but biotechnology may also be used to clone humans sexes.

biotechnology is using living organisms to produce food or other products for exampl bacteria are used to produce human insulin or youghurt Biotechnology is using cells and molecules to improve our lives. Biotechnology can be use in baking, brewing and breeding food crops or animals.

Unless non-organic food contains preservatives, organic food should last as long as non-organic.

You can get Organic Foods from stores that supply Organic Food or a local Organic farm.

No. Organic food is just as good for us and non-organic food.

If it is genetically modified then it is not an organic food. Organic food is naturally grown.

Biotechnology uses living systems and organisms to create useful products. Biotechnology has been used in food production, agriculture, and medicine for thousands of years.

Organic food is not bad for you. Only non organic food is because non organic is produced with harmful chemicals.

Organic food is organic because it was grown without using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, if the organic food is processed, it does not have additives and preservatives that are not organic. It is non-GMO.

Studies have shown that organic food is healthier than conventional (un-organic) food.

Most of the time, organic and non organic food will have the same structure and teste. The organic food will be more expensive.

The labor in growing organic food is more intensive than growing non-organic food, so organic costs more. Organic food is hard to get in some rural areas.

Yes it is. Organic food is much better for your body then non-organic.

Organic food is better than non-organic because it contains more nutrients.

Most often, people chose not to eat organic food because organic food costs more than non-organic food.

Yes, just like non-organic food, if organic food becomes contaminated you can get a disease from it.

yes because organic good generally has more water in it than non- organic food

No, organic food does not cause autism.

Supermarkets have non-organic food because people buy it and most of the food grown is non-organic.

About 4% of food sold in the US is organic.

To simplify the difference, Food Technology deals with the process of the raw material to achieve a product, meanwhile food biotechnology is more detailed discipline that focuses on the manipulation of the orientation of the structure of a food. therefore, FT:processing of food and FBT: manipulating the composition of the food

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