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Is p90x any good?

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P90x is a great program. I have used it to loose 25 pounds, 19 total inches, and 10% body fat.

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Is p90x good?

Yes! I lose 20 pounds thanks to P90X!

Are there any websites that could help me find p90x nutrition plan?

The best website to find the P90X nutrition plan is Not only is this the home of P90X, but when you get to the P90X page, there is a menu on the bottom in which you can "learn more about P90X nutrition".

What is involved in the p90x workout routine?

P90X workout routine follows the 13 week p90x workout routines with a good p90x meal plan and nutrition guide. This routine will help on how to lose weight fast and burn fat.

Does the p90x diet plan really work?

P90X diets follows a 13 week p90x workout routines with a good p90x meal plan and nutrition guide. This diet proposes on a method to lose weight fast and burn fat efficiently.

What are good workouts?

Hip Hop Abs and P90X

Where can I find p90x reviews?

You can hear testimonials on the p90x website. Check sites such as or or Any of these sources might be helpful.

What is a good workout routine to get slim and toned?

p90x or insanity

Is P90X a good workout program, and where can I buy the DVD?

Yes, this workout program is very good and does show results in short time period. I personally have a friend who used to be over weight and now is in the best shape of his life thanks to the p90x workout. You can purchase the DVD's at the p90x website.

What is the p90x calendar?

The P90x calendar is the work out schedule. When you purchase P90x you will receive 13 DVDs. The P90x calendar tells you which discs to do on what day based on which week your on.

P90x not a good long term plan?

The P90X has is a brutal exercise program that has earned most of its fame for being very difficult to complete. Looking at the routine it's self it is an exceptional program that incorporates different forms of fitness in its routine. The problem with the P90X is that it is too difficult to be practical. Many people have started the P90x feeling accomplished and sore. The thing about exercise is it only works as long as it is continued. The P90x becomes a bleak part of your schedule that looms over your day. The P90X is ultimately a routine that is bound to fail.

Do you have to use Power 90 before using P90X?

You do not have to use Power 90 to use P90x. However if you feel P90x is too much, then you should try Power 90 and then return to P90x.

Can you do your normal lifting routine and do p90x at the same time?

Yes, but it would be wise to do lifting on a different day as p90x or else you will over train your muscles. For example, MON-LIFT TUE-P90X WED-LIFT THU-P90X FRI-LIFT SAT-rest/P90X sun-rest/P90X. Remember, rest is just as important as the workout.

Can a 60 year old use p90x?

Anyone regardless of age can do P90x. P90x offers modifications to tailor the program to meet their individuals goals.

Where can I find out more information on the P90x diet?

P90x diet have help a lot of people to lose body fat according to reviews and testimony. You can get more information about P90x and peoples that actually benefited from it on this website:

What is a good excercise so I can get six pack abs?

A good workout that is new is p90x it works great and your guaranteed results.

What is best for a 16 year old to get in shape P90X or the Insanity workouts?

I have personally finished both programs p90x and the Insanity. I truly loved both of them and will continue to implement both of them to my daily life. Now to answer your question... The p90x is much more suitable for a sixteen year old, the p90x offers three different levels to accomplish your goals. ie easy, medium and hard. The Insanity does not offer the variety that the p90x does. Good luck, and be ready to dedicate yourself, this workout is by no means easy. Jamie

Where can I found out about p90x diet plan?

Here is a great link to a guide on the p90x diet plan: It gives details on the three phases of the plan, and also has recipes. I hope this helps you, good luck.

Is the p90x good for weight loss?

The p90x is a highly controversial weight loss method, and it is generally frowned upon based ont he necessary stpes to acieve weight loss, though some still use it.

P90x. i know you need pull up bar dumbbells a mat and a chair. anything els i would need for p90x?

Besides what you already mentioned you also use the long stretch bands for certain activities involved in the P90X training.

What is meant by p90x reviews?

P90x is a workout system. You follow a box set of DVDs that vary by difficulty. P90x reviews would be what other (current or past) users think of the product.

What can replace the p90x recovery formula?

according to the people i chat with on, there is no replacement for the p90x recovery formula

Student Reviews of p90x?

The p90x workout program has received rave reviews from students. Students love the convenience of the p90x program. The workouts take place over a 90 day fitness program. Each session is recorded on a DVD. Because each session is only one hour long, the sessions can easily fit into any student's busy schedule. So many students have jam-packed scheduled filled with part-time jobs, studying for classes, and extracurricular activities. In between classes, p90x is one way to stay in shape and relieve stress at the same time. Graduate students, such as law students, find p90x helpful for its short, intense, and effective workout sessions. After a late night of studying, any grad student can pop in a p90x DVD and start a workout at 11:00 p.m. or 12:00 a.m. at night. Law students benefit from the home-based nature of the p90x program too. Often, law students want to workout at times when a gym does not operate, such as early in the morning or late at night. Having the p90x program on hand allows a student to work out at one's own convenience. For a college student, p90x is also an affordable option for keeping up with one's health. Not every college campus gives students access to a gym. The gyms at some college campuses are also quite bare. For students who do not have access to a local gym, p90x can be an attractive option. The p90x program is much more affordable than purchasing a gym membership. Also, a student always has access to the DVD sessions in the p90x program. For years, a student can continue practicing the p90x program. The last reason students enjoy the p90x program is for its dietary guidelines. A student can have a tough time adjusting to the stresses of college life. The stresses of college life make it easy for any student to have an unhealthy diet. The p90x diet program teaches students how to build a healthy diet using affordable foods. By combining a healthy diet with the intense workout sessions from p90x, any student can lose weight and build muscle.

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Is tony horton the guy from p90x gay or stright?

No one in p90x is gay so that makes Tony Horton straight.

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