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Not that I'm aware of, but have it checked out. It sounds like it could be apendicitis. It's not appendicitis. I get it on both sides it's just more noticeable on my left side. Big difference btwn this pain & that kind of pain. Thank you for your reply I appreciate it. Anyone else have any idea if this is a pg symptom? Or, anyone who is pg ever experienced this? I plan on testing on Friday if my period does not show up by then. I had the same thing happen to me with my 1st daughter. I actually went into the emegency room for a pain on my left side that would not go away. They took a pregnency test and it came back positive Yes, I hear it is quite normal. Your pg body is doing alot of shifting & stretching to accomodate the little one inside you. However, if it becomes too painful or, does not go away then you should call your Dr. right away. Pulling pain on your side is definitely a symptom, it occurs because the uterus is stretching to get ready for the baby.

The sensation you are feeling is caused by your ligaments stretching. You may often feel this when you change positions while lying down or getting up abruptly. It sort of feels like your ovary is twisting.

Thank you all for your replys to my question. It is indeed a indication of pregnancy. I took a test 3 days after asking this question & it was very much +. I am now almost 12 weeks along. Your appendix is on the right side of your body so you can rule out appendicitis Sharp pains are a sign of pregnancy, it was one of my first signs this time with #4. My pains are on both sides, I have heard that sharp pain on one side is a sign of tubal pregnancy, which if left undetected can cause your tube to rupture. Could just be nothing but I would at least check with my doctor if the pain is one sided. It may also be an ovarian cyst that comes and goes. an ultrasound can confirm that for you. Warning! I had the same thing. It felt like a bad cramp and got worse around my abdomen area. I was rushed to the hospital but in face it was my right ovary and they had to remove it. The blood supply tube to the right ovary twisted and swelled up my ovary. Please, if it gets worse, go to the hospital, as the ovary will die after 1 day while twisting. Lower your stress and do not wear any tighly buttoned jeans. I have the same pain and am a little concerned myself. I took a PG test and it was neg., but I think I took it too early. I am showing every other sign of being PG, though. I think the best thing to do would be to schedule a Dr. apptmt. as soon as you can get one to be sure that everything will go smoothly. I'm sure you are fine, though. Good luck! CONGRATS!!!

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Q: Is pain like a pulled muscle on your left side a pregnancy symptom?
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you could have pulled a muscle in your side.

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pulled muscle

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If it has been happening to you recently ,then you have probably pulled a muscle!

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its a pulled crotch muscle, u should probly get that checked out

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I recently pulled a muscle in my back (or so the ER doc told me) and I have since noticed a numb spot in the back of my left thigh. I have also noticed that my left calf muscle is very weak. I cannot even stand up on my toes with that foot.

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