Is paint thinner a solution a mechanical mixture a suspension or a colloid?


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Paint thinner is a solution.

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Mechanical Mixture, because you can physically separate it.

Yes, it is a type of mixture as mixtures are made of 4 categories: Mechanical Mixture (which is different than a solution), Colloid, Suspension, and Solution. So yes, a solution is a type of mixture just not a Mechanical Mixture.

Mixtures are the mixture of pure substances which can be classified into four categories: Colloid, Suspension, Mechanical mixture, and Solution. So a solution is a type of mixture, as is the other 3 categories.

i think it's a colloid- which is the mixture that is in between a solution and suspension.

A colloid is a mixture in which the particles are in suspension but are not in true solution.

*Solution *Suspension *Colloid

Good question, You use the variables that make it a solution suspension or colloid. Like a solution is a mixture of dissolved particles, a suspention is partly dissolved particles that are suspended in the mixture, and a colloid is somewhere in between. -Zane Chandler

the three types of mixtures are solution, suspension, and colloid. Colloid is a mixture that like a solution does not settle out. It is a heterogeneous mixture. Suspension is a mixture containing a liquid in which visible particles settle out. It is also a heterogeneous mixture. Solution is a homogeneous mixture.

the kinds of mixture are coarse mixture, suspension, colloid and solution

The sodium chloride solution is a homogeneous mixture.

A typical solution is a homogeneous mixture with only one phase; a suspension is a nonhomogeneous mixture.For a colloid the answer is more complicate: the appearance is homogeneous, single phase but at a microscopic scale the system is not homogeneous.

A pond isn't a element, compound, solution, colloid, or heterogeneous mixture. So it's either a suspension or a homogenous mixture My vote is suspension

solution. i remember putting mechanical mixture on mr provincial and getting it wrong.

A colloid is not a single compound; it is a mixture with properties between those of a solution and fine suspension.

A colloid is a mixture that appears to be a solution but it is actually a mechanical mixture. Two examples of a colloid are : MILK and STARCH DISSOLVED IN WATER.

A solution has the smallest particles, of the mixtures that you list.

Gasoline is a mixture of several hydrocarbons and various additives.

A Colloid is a type of mechanical mixture in which extremely small particles of on or more substances are evenly and stably distributed in one or more others. A Suspension is a mechanical mixture consisting of a liquid or gas with small particles that are distributed through it, but that separate out if the suspension is left undisturbed

Solution. If not maybe Colloid or Suspension.

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