Is pcp marijuana

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No, PCP or Phencyclidine is a synthetic dissociative, and was first synthesized in 1926; marijuana are the dried leaves and buds of the plant cannabis sativa.

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Q: Is pcp marijuana
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Related questions

Is pcp same as marijuana?

Absolutely not! Marijuana is a plant that grows from the ground and feeds from the sun. PCP is a dangerous drug created by man, and many have died from using it. None have does from usin marijuana.

What is the hallucinogen sometimes smoked on marijuana?

Sometimes, phenylcyclohexylpiperidine (PCP or angeldust) is smoked in combination with marijuana. PCP is a very strong and potentially dangerous hallucinogen.

What does the term wet mean?

a mix of marijuana and pcp to form a liquid substance, that you can inject and or smoke. You smoke the cigar after you dip it in the liquid mix of PCP and marijuana

What does Rob Dyrdek do?

cocaine, lsd, pcp, heroine, marijuana

What is angel dust weed?

marijuana that has been sprayed with liquid PCP... look up what PCP is for more info.

What can be use to clean urine of PCP and marijuana?

Niocine or cranberry juice

What drugs does rob dyrdek do?

cocaine, lsd, pcp, heroine, marijuana

What illegal drugs can people smoke?

Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth, PCP etc.

What is a zoot?

A zoot is either slang for a zoot suit, or for a marijuana cigarette or PCP.

How long does marijuana with pcp in it stay in your system?

It depends on how often you consume marijuana, your weight, and other factors. The marijuana will be the last to leave your system and can take a week to 60 days.

What are popular hallucinogen drugs?

Marijuana, LSD, magic mushrooms, peyote, mescalin, PCP, STP.

How do you determine if you have PCP?

PCP is usually a rich green color when dry, green like the grass of your lawn rather than marijuana which is a lighter green when dry no matter the potency.

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