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Peer pressure can influence you to do either good or bad things, depending on what your peers are pressuring you to do! However, whenever peer pressure is the only motivation for your actions, it's a bad thing because it's preventing you from thinking for yourself and making your own choices.

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Q: Is peer pressure good or bad?
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Why do they call it peer pressure peer pressure?

Peer pressure is when you are pressured by peers (people your age group) to do something good or bad, but people usually think of bad peer pressure when brought up (e.g. being pressured to take drugs).

Examples of bad peer pressure and good peer pressure?

Bad peer pressure would be helping your friends rob a bank, or doing drugs because your friends do drugs. Good peer pressure would be helping your friends do volunteer work, or assist the elderly because your friends assist the elderly.

What are the bad effects of peer groups?


What is a good thesis stament on bad peer pressure?

peer pressure is a very influential source of negativity on both the youths and the adults.

Why resist peer pressure?

Why resist peer pressure? To answer this question you need to know more about peer pressure. Peer pressure is felt by people of all ages from the little kid who was pressured into taking a smoke to the adult who is pressured into not telling his wife about "Her" and doing bad things with "Her". There are two major types of peer pressure, They have scientific names but lets keep it on a level most people can understand. GOOD peer pressure and BAD peer pressure. Good peer pressure is called good for a reason. An example of this kind of peer pressure is pressuring your friend out of doing drugs, alcohol, or bad choices. This type should never be resisted because these people are trying to help you improve your life. Bad pressure is, yes you have already guessed it, bad. Bad peer pressure could be a multitude of things. Simple things like cheating on a homework assignment to Cheating on your significant other. This type of behavior not only hurts you but those around you. This type is never good but sadly it exists but should be avoided.

What is negetive peer pressure?

When there is bad pressure.

How peer pressure affects moral decadence?

Bad peer pressure can cause the child to do bad things.

What are the positive effects of peer pressure?

There are no positive effects of peer pressure. Its actually a bad thing.

What are benefits of peer pressure?

Peer pressure is actually when peers encourage you or influence you to behave or act in certain ways. It could be both good or bad. Example: Someone could peer pressure you to smoke, but on the other hand, someone could also peer pressure you to not smoke.

How can peer pressure be positive or negative?

positive pressure can make you feel good and negative can make you feel bad.

Definition of peer pressure?

What is peer pressure?There are times when your friends have a lot of influence on what you say, do, or feel. They also affect the choices you make. This kind of influence is called peer pressure. It can either be good or bad.Good or positive peer pressure helps you be your best. Bad or negative peer pressure lets you do something even when you think it is wrong. It may sometimes lead you to do something harmful and destructive. Bad peer pressure causes you to take harmful risks.

How is peer pressure bad?

Peer pressure is bad when your friends forces you into the wrong habits. These habits are against societal and families values.

Is peer pressure always a negative or bad thing?

There are positive peer pressure and there are negative peer pressure. In most cases peer pressure is positive, this happens hen it leads to a positive attitude in a child.

What is good peer pressure?

Good peer pressure could come in a lot of forms. When it comes to health, someone could peer pressure you by eating healthy, etc. Anyone who enforces positive behavior is considered to give good peer pressure.

What are some types of peer pressure?

well there is good and bad peer pressure. Good: -going to a certain school or college -pushing you to audition for something you want Bad: -trying to get someone to do drugs -getting someone to drink -any illegal activities

Is peer pressure always a bad thing?

No. If your friend pressures you to do your home work and study it is a good thing it shows they care about you. But if a friend pressures you to drink or do something negative then yes it is a bad thing.

Peer pressure does more harm than good?

Yes peer pressure does more harm. what good comes out of it? peer pressure persuades you into , Drugs,Alcohol,Smoking and many more what good comes ou of that

What is the worst type of peer pressure?

Well, that's hard to say considering when you hear "peer pressure" it comes off as a bad thing. But the worst I'd probably say would be sex peer pressure, drug peer pressure, and criminal peer pressure (as in breaking the law)

Can peer pressure be a good influence?

of course,like for example when youre about to steal something and your friend sees you and shes like stop, this isn't right: that's good peer presure but bad peer pressure is when your friend just encourages you to do the wrong thing when she knows its wrong.

What are the types of pressure?

They're 5 Kinds of Peer Pressure These are it ~ Negative Peer Pressure , Positive Peer Pressure , Heavy Peer Pressure , Indirect Peer Pressure , and Friendly Peer Pressure

What are some reasons why peer pressure is not an excuse for wrongdoing?

Because they often pressure you into doing bad things.It is also because people should not be pressured into anything good or bad.

When do you experience peer pressure?

There are different kinds of peer pressure.Some are good,some are bad.So,you can experience peer pressure about any time in your life.

What is the theme of dark they were and golden eyed?

Peer pressure is bad

Types of peer pressure?

-sexual peer pressure -drug abuse peer pressure -immoral peer pressure -pushing boundaries peer pressure -changing your self peer pressure

How can peer pressure be helpful?

yes for example if your friend is telling you to do you homework and you dont want to then that is good peer pressure