Is safe?

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yea 100 percent ligitement and free it only sends you wat u want it to

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Q: Is safe?
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What year was Phonezoocom founded?

Phonezoocom is a website that is devoted to enabling customization of your cell phone by downloading wallpapers, ringtones, and more. Phonezoo was founded in February, 2006.

Are seatbelts safe or not safe on school buses?


How many people do gymnastics?

unoffically,millions worldwide and professionally hundreds of people do gymnastics and about half of them get hert but althogh its a fun sport and alot of kids would wish they could do this sport but there parents dont have alot of money but keep up the good work if you do gymnastics and if you dont its ok dont do it if you wont to because alot of kids/adults get hert and die so be resposable if you do gymnastics good luck now sorry i got carried away with the question i just wont every one to be SsAFE SsAaFfEe SAFE SAFE SAFE SFAE SAFE SAFE SAFE ASFASAFE SFAE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE be SAFE

Who is the patron saint of keeping safe?

There are patron saints of safe driving, safe travel and safe childbirth but no patron of safe keeping.

What day is safe from pregnancy?

No day is safe. No day is safe.

How safe are you if you wear your seatbelt?

Quite safe but not completly safe

Is mega t safe?

no it is definitely not safe no it is definitely not safe

Is Pirates of the Caribbean the online game safe?

yes! it is very safe. safe for kids and safe for your computer!

What is a verb for safe?

There is no verb form for the adjective or the noun safe. There is no direct verb form, the terms such as to be safe, to keep safe, or to make safe are used.

What is the plural of the word safe?

The plural for safe is safes.This is in reference to the word "safe" meaning a repository for one's valuables, e.g. a bank safe. "None of the safes were broken into."The word safe is also an adjective (safe, safer, safest). "Is this a safe website?"In the English language, adjectives do not have a plural form."The kid is safe. The kids are safe."

Is GPASS safe?

Its safe

Are drinking straws safe to chew?

They are safe to chew but not safe to eat.

What is safe way?

See a safe way is to do something that is safe not dangerous.

Are proxies safe?

They are very safe. Not completely safe but more then enough-

Is it safe for gerbils to eat cardboard?

No! It is not safe for them to eat it but it is safe for them to chew it.

What are the different types of safe mode available?

Safe Mode Safe Mode with Command Prompt Safe with Networking

What is the Welsh spelling for 'safe'?

As an adjective: diogel (safe/secure; sure/certain) dihangol (safe, escaped)

What is the lyrics to safe auto commercial?

1 800 Safe auto pick of the phone the call is free. 1 800 Safe auto Safe safe auto..

Is frostwire safe to use?

yes it is safe 100% legalyes,it is 100% safeeven yahoo answer said it is safe

Is sex safe with out condom with married women?

No, it is not safe to do this.

What actors and actresses appeared in Safe in the Safe - 1922?

The cast of Safe in the Safe - 1922 includes: Chester Conklin

Could you get a list of song titles with safe in the titles?

(Artist) Title(Massive Attack) Safe From Harm(Westlife) Safe(Phil Wickham) Safe(Men Without Hats) The Safety Dance(The Cribs) Be Safe(David Bowie) Play It Safe(Britt Nicole) Safe(Taylor Swift) Safe And Sound

Is a Kia really safe?

is a KIA truly safe and if so hoa safe is it?

Can you give me slogan on safe water?

Safe water -equals- Safe skin!

Is the website WikiAnswers safe?

Depending on the definition of safe; very, very safe.