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Manufacturers take simple hydrocarbons from whatever source material they're using -- commonly crude oil, but also natural gas, corn, and other biomass -- and turn them into polymers, a fancy word for chains of molecules. In the case of crude oil, they do this by heating it to more than 750 degrees Fahrenheit, then separating its components. The polymers usually travel onward in life in the form of pellets, ending up at one plastic factory or another to be molded into familiar shapes

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Q: Is plastic made of petroleum and natural gas?
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What is a substance made from natural gas or petroleum?

Natural gas, gasoline, and kerosene are some fuels made from petroleum.

What was plastic before it was plastic?

Plastics are usually derived from petroleum or natural gas.

Is natural gas made from corn?

No. Natural gas is a petroleum product, frequently found near crude oil deposits.

What is the source of natural gases?

Natural gas is found with petroleum reserves, so petroleum can be considered the source of natural gas.

What type of fossil fuel is created from natural gas and petroleum?

Natural gas and petroleum ARE fossil fuels.

What is the relationship between natural gas and petroleum?

The relationship between natural gas and petroleum is the formation of both under the earth's surface from fossils. Both natural gas and petroleum are sources of fuel.

Name of a gas made from petroleum and natural gas?

man, i wish i knew its part of my tutor thingy

How is natural gas made?

Natural gas is not made but harvest like all other form of petroleum. Natural gas occurred in the same way as petroleum, a sediment of biomass in presence of pressure and heat from geothermal breakdown the biomass to liquid oil and gas. Determination if the oil well would produce natural gas, oil or coal is provided in the link.

Chemical energy is an example of what?

biomass, petroleum, natural gas, and propane

Are products made from petroleum called hydrocarbons?

Products made form petroleum are called hydrocarbons. Petroleum and natural gas are where most hydrocarbons come from. Hydrocarbons are entirely made from crude oils.

Is plastic made from wood?

No, plastic is basically made from crude oil, natural gas, and other chemicals.

Where in the world is petroleum and natural gas used?

Most countries use petroleum (in cars) and natural gas (in cooking stoves).