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Yes, it is typically a word that we use to politely ask someone to do something.
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What are the words to 'Nice to Be Around?

\nHello such a simple way to start a love affair\nShould I jump right in and say how much I care\nWould you take me for a mad man or a simple hearted clown\nHello with affection from a sentimental fool\nTo a little girl who's broken of every rule\nOne who brings me up when all the others seem to let ( Full Answer )

What is the word nice?

It means that you are a caring person that does good things for somebody else and doesn't always think of themselves!!!!!

What are synonyms for the word nice?

Some synonyms of the word 'nice' are kind, friendly, or congenial. Other synonyms may be compassionate, sympathetic, amiable, likable,lovable, sincere, considerate, caring, enchanting, cooperative,personable, charming, courteous, polite, pleasant, fair, orwell-mannered. For "looking nice" the syno ( Full Answer )

A nice word starting with y?

It depends on what sentence you are planning to put it in. If you are looking for an animal Yak, They are wonderful Creatures. If you are looking for a Expression Yay or Yeah, they are nice :)

Nice words that begin with m?

To list a few: magical. magnanimous. magnificent. majestic. manageable. mammoth. mannerly. marvelous. masterful. mature. maximum. meaningful. mechanical. meek. memorable. merciful. metaphorical. meticulous. metropolitan. mettlesome. mighty. modern. moderate. modest. monumental. ( Full Answer )

Nice words that begin with l?

I don't know if that's an 'I' or an 'L', so I'll do both. So icicles(if you like snow), and love =)

What are three wow words for nice?

1. amazing 2 superifico 3 splendid 4 fantastic 5 super Dee dooper If that's not it its because i don't know what wow words are

Give you some sites that sell nice clothes please?

I found this really good site for clothes they are great quality and the prices are quite good especially for the quality, plus they have stuff for all ages and gender. I think it is new because they are always adding new things, check it out it is called

Is nice a describing word?

Yes but if you are in school and you have to do this for homework... (possibly) then they might want you to use a better word instead of something that is used as a describing word everyday. For example, just use "Amazing" or "Gorgeous" I usually don't hear those words everyday, I only hear "Nice" s ( Full Answer )

Nice words that start with v?

victorious, valiant, vixen, vase, victory, ventilation, veil, ventilate, vole, vegetable, vegetarian , virgin, vaccine and many, many more!

Give you a nice build bear certificate please?

go to buildabear and get your own or you can just call and they will give you the id and code and they will e-mail you the certifacate an no cost! . God bless you and remember jesus loves you and he is the right path!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the word nice?

The word "Nice" comes to English from Latin, by way of Old French and Middle English... Although it now means pleasant, agreeable, satisfactory, good natured, or kind, not too long ago, it meant 'fastidious'. Before that, it referred to qualities of coyness or reservedness in a negative way... es ( Full Answer )

How can you summon a demon and please a real answer would be nice?

One Opinion I do not recommend this course of action. By summoning a demon you open yourself to having it take over your life. Perhaps not by possession but demons are evil beings. Demons are attracted to fear, death and pain and many negative emotions or things. DO NOT ATTEMPT WHAT YOU ARE TRYI ( Full Answer )

What are nice words that start with N?

Mostly we say that 'nice' is a nice word starting with 'n'; some other contributions are: . Naked . Name . Natural, Naturally . neat . nectar . neighborly . neon . New . nicely, nicety, niceness . nifty . Noble . Noodles are very nice, and it's a fun word also. . normal . Notice, No ( Full Answer )

Nice words that start with q?

Quell, (the) quintcircle, (the) Qur'an, quarter, quich/quinch, quink, quarantine, quotations, quorn, questionable, quasar (quasi-stellar-radio-source), etc..

What is a really nice french entree please help need for assignment?

Scallops in their shells look incredible and elegant and are really easy to make. Remove them from shells (but keep the shells) and brown slightly and wuickly in a skillet. Remove from skillet and add butter, garlic, cream and parsley. Put the scallops back in the shells, top with sauce, bread crumb ( Full Answer )

What is a nice way to say we would love to see you but please don't feel obligated?

I would put it almost as simply as you've asked the original question. It's always polite to extend an offer with a counter offer. (I/E: "We haven't seen you in a long time. We'd love to see you soon, if it's possible. If not, then we should contact each other soon about future arrangements. Wh ( Full Answer )

What is a nice word for i?

Impartial, important, incredible, independent, industrious, insightful, inspired, inspiring, intelligent and irresistible are nice words to describe a person. They begin with the letter i.

Nice words that start with c?

Some nice words that begin with C are: . care . caress . carnation . clean . clear . comfort . complete . cozy . cucumber . curiosity

Nice words that began with r?

· radiant · ravishing · reasonable · reliable · remarkable · respectful · responsible · righteous · romantic

What is a nice word for being gay?

First, you are implying the word gay is bad. It's not. If you called me gay, I'd say yep. cause I am. The TECHNICAL term is homosexual, but i prefer being called gay. And my boyfriend doesn't believe in labels so you like what you like. So when that comes up. just say gay. Hope this helps :D

Nice words starting with r?

By nice, do you mean long? Very long list, if you want official list, go to a dictionary. A long word that start with an r would be, Reindeer.

What are some nice p words?

Here are Some Nice " P " words . Polite Positive Palatable Perfect Precious Powerful

Words that start with a that are nice?

· able · accessible · adorable · affectionate · agreeable · altruistic · ambitious · appreciative · artistic · astute · athletic · attractive · awesome

A word that means nice word?

kind The word 'nice' originally meant precise or exact, as in "Nice shot!" As the word has been misused with impunity and as language has evolved it is now used to mean good, kind, pretty, etc.. The phrase 'nice word' would therefore mean the same as 'the right word' or ' le mot juste '. I don' ( Full Answer )

What are nice A words?

· able · accessible · adorable · affectionate · agreeable · altruistic · ambitious · appreciative · artistic · astute · athletic · attractive · awesome

Nice words beginning with f?

Some nice words beginning with F are: Family Folks Friend Fine Fudge Fluffy Furry Friendly Fresh Fashionable Famous Finished Flirty Food Fireplace Fabulous Fortunate Flowers Fig newtons Fantastic Fabolous

What does the word nice mean in french?

"nice" has several different translations according to the context. As an adjective, for instance "a nice car", it can be " beau " (beautiful, "belle" in fem.) or " joli ", "une belle voiture". "A nice meal" would be " bon " (good, "bonne" in fem.), "un bon repas". "A nice person" would be "une ( Full Answer )

What nice words start with letter i?

intelligent incredible intelectual Answer idiosyncratic, imbibe, immature, immediate, immure, imperspicuous, indict, indolent, iota, irate, irrefragable, iiwi, ichthyology, insect, introspective, ibisbill, iridaceous, iridium, inveigle, ibex, inkfish, ichnology, inertia, infix, idiomatic, ( Full Answer )

What is a nice word that begins with v?

Valentine is one word that is nice because valentine has to do with a person findind his or her true love that's very nice and sweet

What other words mean nice?

Some synonyms for the adjective nice are: . admirable . agreeable . amiable . attractive . charming . congenial . considerate . cordial . courteous . fine, . friendly . Gentle . good, . kind, . likable . lovely. . pleasant, . polite, . well mannered . winsome

What are nice words beginning with I?

· impartial · important · incredible · independent · industrious · insightful · inspiring · intelligent · irresistible

What is a nice 'e' word?

· eager · educated · efficient · elite · enchanting · energetic · ethical · excellent · experienced · expert

Is yo moma a nice word?

"Yo mama" is two words, actually. It is a childish insult, slang for "your mother."

What are some antonyms for the word nice?

Antonyms are opposite for ppl who don't know. Well, nice is like good so the opposite would be Mean Evil Naughty Rude Impatient (maybe) Bad Greedy (maybe)

What is another word for extremely nice?

1. That was a nice party you gave: good, fine, pleasant, agreeable, excellent, pleasurable; amusing, marvelous, divine, fantastic, lovely, enchanting, wonderful, entrancing; Informal great, swell, dandy, jim-dandy. 2. We think Helen is a nice person: friendly, sympathetic, warmhearted, good, kind ( Full Answer )

How do you tell Jehovah's Witnesses in a nice way to please stop coming around?

First it would be helpful to know that Jehovah's Witnesses feel commanded by Christ Jesus to visit people to talk about spiritual things. We take our commission from Christ seriously. We try to engage people in parks, at bus stops, at cemeteries, on the sidewalk, etc etc; and at their homes. Anyone ( Full Answer )