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Is plywood a good materials for detonating mortars with inverted fuse type?

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not unless it is a good thickness like 3/4 or 5/8

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What did Plywood manufacturing spend on materials in 2000?

Plywood manufacturing spent $2.0 billion on materials in 2000

What can plywood be used for?

Plywood can be used for building materials eg. lofts walls and decorative wood art.

What are the green building materials?

pine,cedar,plywood,maple,and ?

What materials did hundertwasser use?

Canvas, Plywood, Linnen and many types of paper

What materials are used to build pt boats of world war 2?


What are names of some building materials?

plywood,polythene sheet,nails,binding wires

What materials are used for building shelters in antarctica?

it is made out of mental frames, plywood and insulation.

Which is an example of good flood preparedness?

Replenish emergency building materials such as sandbags, plywood and lumber

What is the labor cost to remove and replace a plywood floor?

$ 5 per square ft. + materials.

What materials did Jasper Johns use?

Oil and collage on fabric mounted on plywood and hot wax.

What is the r value of plywood?

¼-inch plywood 0.31 3/8 inch plywood 0.47 ½-inch plywood 0.62 5/8 inch plywood 0.78 This is taken from, which also has some other materials that could/would commonly be used alongside with plywood to increase the R Value such as building paper and insulation... if both sides of the frame are ply then you must also include the void.

During Sukkot a sukkah is built in a garden What materials is it made of?

Plywood walls and a canopy of foliage overhead.

What can a panel saw cut?

A panel saw is used to cut sheet materials like plywood or aspenite.

What are some of the materials used in building shelters in antarctica?

Buildings have metal frames, use plywood, and LOTS of insulation!

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for November 27 2013?

Plywood boxPlywood boxPlywood boxPlywood boxPlywood box

How can you build an airsoft bunker?

Wooden pallets and plywood are good materials to make a bunker out of. Check local hardware stores.

Why do you need Tar paper for roofing?

Tar paper is used as a moisture barrier between the plywood decking and the roofing materials.

What are some building materials that start with the letter p?

· paint · patio doors · pipe · plaster · plumbing pipes · plywood

What is a composite ice hockey stick?

A stick made of synthetic composite materials (e.g. fiberglass, carbon fiber) instead of natural traditional materials (e.g. wood, plywood, metal).

How do you use plywood in a sentence?

I used plywood to build my sentence. That box might be made of plywood or solid wood. The treehouse has a plywood floor.

What are some building materials that begin with the letter P?

Paint, particle board, patio doors, pressure-treated wood, putty, PVC, pipe, plaster, plumbing and plywood are building materials.

Is plywood a sustainable resource?

is plywood sustainable

Is plywood a compound?

Plywood is not a chemical compound.

What is good material to make a black computer desk out of?

Most computer desks are made out of cheap materials like plywood. Plywood boards painted black would thus be the cheapest solution. Try ebony wood if you can afford it for a professional look.

What is canoe made of?

Canoes can be made of lots of materials including plastic, aluminium, fibre Glass, Canvas on a frame, plywood, birchbark, cardboard...