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Is pornography bad for you?


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June 03, 2013 3:22AM

Not unless you have an addiction. It really depends on its affect on the individual. It can lead to unwanted, untimely sexual thoughts. The creativity of the mind naturally absorbs experiences and in varying degrees spontaneously creates images or ideas. So increasing the sexual input of images will increase the output or creation of spontaneous sexual thoughts. Some of these thoughts may actually be disturbing to the person, and some of them simply come at a bad time. For instance, in a job interview, you watched a porn clip the night before of a man having sex with a woman wearing a similar dress on a similar shaped desk. This may cloud your ability to give your most eloquent answers, only for a few seconds, but that can be enough to ruin an interview. The same goes for dates and in general interpersonal relationships with women on society. This is not for all people, but many. Another example may be unwanted, disturbing thoughts, for example images of relations with older people, relatives etc. Some people enjoy this, but many don't and the likely hood of these images and ideas being created increases with the amount of sexual input. That doesn't mean one is more likely to act on the thoughts, just that they will more likely crop up. There is nothing enjoyable about picturing your mother or sister or brother giving you oral sex (for most people). These kinds of images are more likely to occur for some people. A better question to ask is if porn is good for you, and if its good qualities outweigh the bad. I say not, though for you they may. It is easy enough to masturbate without porn. In some respects, masturbation without porn as a distraction from the actual physical processes is better.

The porn serves to feed another part of the mind. In some cases, women can be transformed into just sexual creatures, with their other qualities being downgraded or ignored. Then all women are seen as potential mates, in a more extreme sense than what may already exist in the person. There are parts of the mind that innately view those of the opposite or same sex as potential mates, however this part of the mind is usually minimized throughout our lives in school, family, work, etc. What porn does is feeds into the innate view of others as sexual mates. It develops this outlook. Which would be fine if we still lived in caves, but we don't live in caves and people are, as a ratio of the percentage of time we spend having sex and the percentage of people we have sex with in the world not sexual creatures. So porn can serve to develop an archaic part of the mind, a neanderthal and obtuse impulse.