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Is pot a drug?

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Pot is a slang name for the drug cannabis, illegal in most western countries.

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What drug is the cheapest drug?

Ark Pot

What will make fail a drug test for pot?


How long does pot stay in your system in drug screen?

how long does pot stay in your system ib drug screen

What is pot drug?


Will loratabs show as pot on a drug test?

It will show up as hydrocodone not as pot.

What is a drug that introduces people to drug use and increases the rick that they will try other drug?


What is the drug called trees?

pot, marijuana

Some pot that wont show up on a drug test?

all pot shows up

What class drug is hash?

you make hash from pot, so my guess is that it will be in the same class as pot

What is the most widely used drug in the US?


What is the leading drug of abuse among teenagers?


Is there OPIATES in pot?

does hydrocodone show positive on a pot drug test Only if your pot was laced with opiates. If not, no. Marijuana does not naturally contain opiates.

What can cause a false positive for a marijuana drug test if you have not used pot?

Using someone else's urine, who has used pot, for the drug test would give a false positive.

Does hedley have a drug addiction?

No, Hedley does not have a drug addiction. However Jacob Hoggard does smoke and used to smoke pot but has quit smoking pot! Hedley is the best band ever!

What drug is also called pot weed and grass?


Does chocolate milk show up as pot in drug test?


How does ibuprofen show up as pot on a drug screen?

It cant

How do you pass a drug test with pot?

Don't do drugs, kids.

Is it safe to smoke pot out of foil?

no and more to the point get a brain and don't smoke pot! or any drug the effects can kill you.

Will you pass a oral drug test if you smoked pot 2 weeks ago?

Nope. Go get a drink from the pot shop

Will taking coumadin and phenergan give a positive drug screen for pot?

No, taking coumadin and phenergan will not test positive for pot.

Can drug dogs small pot in your vagina?

Well did you stuff the pot up in there or did you just smoke it???? If you stuffed it in there, then yeah, they probably can.

Will humboldt gold show up pot in drug screen?


Will pot show up in a drug test if its your first time?


What is sour diesel drug?

A certain kind of pot strain (cannabis)

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