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Is protein sythesis a function made by the cell membrane?


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No, the site of protein synthesis is the ribosomes, free and bound. The ribosome is the " workbench " on which proteins are made. Proteins can be imbedded in the membrane and can span the membrane.

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What is not a function of a cell membrane

The function of a carrier protein is to carry substances across the membrane of a cell.

Of course not,it is not a function of cell membrane.It is the function of ribosomes.

They help move material in and out of the cell.

They help with the movement of particles across the cell membrane.

Proteins are not primary components of cell membrane. The proteins on the cell membrane have special functions, like receptors and transporters.

a very thin membrane, composed of lipids and protein, that surrounds the cytoplasm of a cell and controls the passage of substances into and out of the cell

Protein, because thats what the cell membrane does (delivers protein to the cell)

No, though things such as the granular endoplasmic reticulum which are involved in protein synthesis have the same origin as the cellular membrane.

The true question is, what is the function of an Endoplasmic Reticulum? The answer is were the cell membrane is assembled and some protein.

The function of the cell membrane is to protect cells.

The function of the cell membrane is to control what enters and leaves the cell.

Extrensic proteins are proteins withing the cytoplasmic membrane that aid in the transport of nutrients into the cell and waste out of the cell.

The function of the cell membrane is a thin layer that surrounds the cell.

It sends signals between the cells external and internal environment.

when a receptor protein in a cell membrane acts as an enzyme the recepto protein

The function of the cell membrane is to protect the cell. It also regulates the movement of particles in and out of the cell.

The cell membrane is the security for the cell.

The Cell Membrane maintains the shape of the cell!

Protein channel also known as transport protein. The function of a channel protein is to allow the transport of specific substances across a cell membrane.

The cell membrane plays host to a large amount of protein that is responsible for its various activities. The amount of protein differs between species and according to function, however the typical amount in a cell membrane is 50%.

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