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No. Some people will generically call pterosaurs pterodactyl, but it is incorrect to do so. Pterodactyl was just one kind of pterosaur.

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What is an synonym for pterodactyl?

Pterodactylus refers to a specific species of pterosaur. However, people often use the word "pterodactyl" interchangeably with "pterosaur" when they talk about flying reptiles. When discussing flying reptiles in general, the correct word is pterosaur, while Pterodactylus refers to a specific type of pterosaur.

Is a pterodactyl a saurischian or a ornithischian?

Neither. Pterodactyl was a pterosaur, not a dinosaur.

How do you spell teradactyl?

The spelling of the name of one form of flying dinosaur (pterosaur) is pterodactyl.

What is the name of a flying dinosaur?

Pterodactyl and Pterosaur are all I know Archaeopteryx flew but not very far or well.

How do you spell terodactoll?

The large prehistoric avian (pterosaur) is a pterodactyl.

How do you spell teridactle?

PTERODACTYL - a type of flying dinosaur (pterosaur)

How do you spell teradactle?

The flying prehistoric lizard (pterosaur) is the pterodactyl.

How do you spell teradactol?

The flying dinosaur, a pterosaur, is spelled pterodactyl.

How do you spell pterydactel?

The type of "flying dinosaur" or pterosaur is a pterodactyl.

Was the pterodactyl a lizard?

No. Pterodactyl was a pterosaur. Pterosaurs were reptiles, but they were more closely related to dinosaurs and crocodiles than they were to lizards.

How do you spell terradackle?

The type of "flying dinosaur" (pterosaur) is spelled pterodactyl.

How do you spell taradactal?

The type of "flying dinosaur" (a pterosaur) is spelled pterodactyl.

Is pterodactyl a kind of pteranodon?

No. Pterodacyls and pteranodons were two different types of pterosaur.

How do you spell ptyerdactial?

The correct spelling is pterodactyl (an extinct flying dinosaur, or pterosaur).

How do you spell pheradactale?

The extinct flying reptile or pterosaur, genus Pterodactylus, is spelled pterodactyl.

How do you spell Terradactor?

The likely word is the flying dinosaur (pterosaur) called the pterodactyl.

Is a pterodactyl a theropod or a sauropod?

Neither, a pterodactyl is a pterosaur, a group of reptiles separate from dinosaurs. Also, there were more types of dinosaur than theropods and sauropods.

How do you spell pytaradacto?

The likely word is the flying reptile (pterosaur) named the pterodactyl.(Genus Pterodactylus)

How do you spell phteradatore?

The likely word is either pterodactyl or pterosaur, both of which refer to winged dinosaurs (avians).

Is there such thing as a pterodactyl?

There is no such thing as a pterodacyl, although there is a pterosaur called pterodactylus which as the wing span the size of a small dog

Are flying dinosaurs not called pterodactyls?

No. Pterodactyl was a pterosaur, and pterosaurs were technically not dinosaurs, though they are often incorrectly referred to as such.

Is a pterodactuyl a dinosaur?

A Pterodactyl (or Pterosaur) is not actually a dinosaur, but a winged reptile that existed alongside the dinosaurs from the late Triassic to the Cretaceous Periods.

Who discovered plesiosaur and pterodactyl dinosaurs?

First off, plesiosaurs and pterodactyl were not dinosaurs. Plesiosaurs were their own group of reptiles more closely related to lizards than to dinosaurs. Pterodactyl was a pterosaur, which were a group separate from, but related to dinosaurs. Plesiosaurs are generally considered to have been discovered by Mary Anning. Pterosaurs are said to have been discovered by Cosmio Collini.

What is the habitat of a pterodactyl like?

Pterodactyl was a type of small pterosaur, or flying reptile. They lived during the late Jurassic in Europe. At that time, Europe was a collection of semiarid islands surrounded by shallow seas. There was probably some sort of forest on the islands, with small conifers, cycads, ferns, and ginkgoes.

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