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Sometimes but not always. Some people eat rabbit (feet) so they are killed for food. Hunters also might want to kill them for a hunting accomplishment, but most of the time, rabbits are not the main victim to be killed for fur. Mostly bears are killed for their fur (fur coats).

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Are rabbit fur and cat fur the same?

No, rabbit fur comes from rabbits, but cat fur comes from cats.

How much fur does a rabbit shed?

my rabbit as lost its fur from its legs

What is rabbit fur called?

Rabbit fur can also be termed "cony"

Does it hurt your rabbit when they pull their fur out?

No it does not hurt a rabbit when there pull out their own fur

What is the body of rabbit covered with?

The body of a rabbit is covered in their guard fur then their fur coat.

What is the name for the fur of a rabbit?

If the rabbit fur was skinned already, you could call it a skin, pelt, fur. If it's still on a breathing, live rabbit, it's called a coat. It's OK to just call it rabbit fur.

Where dos fur come from?

Fur come from all kinds kinds of animals u can pick the kind of fur you want like rabbit fur then you can get a rabbit and there the fur

How much fur is used a year?

More than 50 million animals are killed for fur each year. Many of these are rabbit, mink, fox and other animals.

When was Rabbit Fur Coat created?

Rabbit Fur Coat was created on 2006-01-24.

What is the name of the material you get from rabbits?

If you are referring to the fur you get from rabbits, rabbit fur tends to be called Angora but Angora wool comes only from Angora rabbits. Otherwise, rabbit fur simply tends to be called rabbit fur.

Who killed Jessica rabbit?

In the film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" Jessica Rabbit is not killed.

When rabbit fur is used in clothes what is it called?

rabbit fur used in clothing is often referred to as angora.

What should you do when your rabbit eats his fur?

Brush it. When a rabbit eats his fur, it means you need to brush it. get a special cat or rabbit brush at your pet store or walmart and brush it every day. If your rabbit keeps pulling out his fur it will eventually die. It will die because the fur will clog up its stomach. So brush your rabbit is the answer.

Why do rabbit have soft fur?

They have soft fur to prevent themselves from becoming cold at night. If they didn't have fur, the rabbit population would barley be alive.

When do baby rabbits grow fur?

A baby rabbit grows fur just like any other rabbit.

What stage of pregnant does a rabbit pull fur out?

The female rabbit pull out it fur in the last stages of giving birth

How does a rabbit camoflauge?

A rabbit camouflages using its fur. For instance, a cottontail has gray and brown fur to blend in with dirt.

What do you call rabbits'fur?

Another name for rabbit fur is pelt. Purses, and other merchandise that you can buy that is made of rabbit fur is often made out of Angora fur, which is from a very large, furry type of rabbit.

How does the fur color affect the warmth of a rabbit?

all rabbits are mammals so their warm blooded. Their fur color has nothing to do with the warmth of a rabbit.The fur color doesn't affect the warmth of a rabbit. Its blood does.

Should animals be killed for fur?

No, animals should not be killed for fur.

What do you call bunny fur?

rabbit fur is called the coat such as the horse's fur is called

Does angora fur come from rabbits?

Yes, there is a special breed rabbit called the angora rabbit. This rabbit produces long, silky fur. People cut the fur off, spin it and turn it into expensive clothing.

Does a rabbit pull its fur out if pregnant?

Yes when a female rabbit is pregnant it pulls out it fur to provide warmth for the baby rabbits

What type of rabbit changes their fur color in the winter?

snowshoe rabbit

If a balloon takes electrons from rabbit fur what is the charge on the fur?