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Radioactive yes, synthetic no. Radium is found in nature in very small trace amounts usually in uranium ore deposits.

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Q: Is radium synthetic and radioactive
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Does radium have radioactive metal?

Radium is radioactive.Radium is radioactive.Radium is radioactive.Radium is radioactive.

Is radium radioactive?

Radium is extremely radioactive.

Is radium radioactive toxic or explosive?

Radium is strongly radioactive.

Is radium naturally radioactive?

Yes. All isotopes of radium are radioactive.

Is radium not a radioactive element?

No .. it is radioactive.

Radium and polonium are discovered to be radioactive?

Yes, radium and polonium are radioactive elements.

Is radium a radioactive gas?

Radium is a solid, radon is a gas. Both are radioactive.

Is radium synthetic?

No it is not.

If radium and chlorine combine to form radium chloride what is true about the compound?

As radium is radioactive, radium chloride would also be radioactive. Any compounds make with any radioactive material are radioactive, and they cannot be "not" radioactive. Radioactive material doesn't really care if it is "alone" or in compound; it will be radioactive in any case.

What is radium dust?

Dust of the radioactive element Radium.

What is bad about radium?

Radium is strongly radioactive and dangerous.

Is radium stable?

No. Radium is radioactive and, therefore, unstable.

Which causes maximum radioactive contamination out of there sodium radium potassium?

Radium, by a big margin. Radium has no isotopes that are not radioactive, but no naturally occurring isotopes of potassium or sodium are radioactive.

Is polonium and radium radioactive isotopes?

No. They are radioactive elements.

A radioactive metal?

Radium: named after its radioactive property.

What is the luster of radium?

Radium is a radioactive metal, silvery appearance.

Is radium used in glow sticks?

no, radium is radioactive and dangerous

Which elements is radioactive and synthetic?

All transuranic elements are synthetic and radioactive.

Radioactive element beginning with R?

Radon and radium are radioactive.

Is radium a solid?

Radium is a solid, radioactive, alkaline earth metal.

What is a radium and a polonium?

Radium and polonium are radioactive natural chemical elements.

What kind of metal is radium?

Radium is an alkaline earth metal and radioactive.

Can you get power from the radioactive element radium?

Radium is not used to produce energy.

What are the example of radioactive atom?


Is radium highly radioactive?