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Yes... Rihanna is still dating Chris Brown

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No, Rihanna is not going out with Chris Brown.

Nobody is going out with Chris Brown. He is single.

No, Rihanna and Chris Brown are not going out.No, they are not still going out.

Right now Chris Brown is not going out with anybody.beyonce

Chris Brown is a singal man

No, Chris Brown and Rihanna are not going out together and they do not have kids.

No Chris Brown isn't going out with Tina Davis

No, Chris Brown is not dating Ciara.

No Beyonce and Chris Brown are not going out. Beyonce is married to Jay-z.

No, Chris Brown is not dead. but hes going to be if he keeps on acting like that hes going to beno the incident was all fake with the rihanna and chris brownChris Brown did not die. But you should DIAF!

Yes Chris Brown is famous. Chris Brown is a rapper,singer,actor,songwriter and dancer.Chris Brown is always going to be famous even after he is dead.Chris Brown is going to live forever in our hearts.

Chris Brown and Keri Hilson are not going out.

He was going out with rihanna

No. They were going out and then Rihanna found out that Chris Brown cheated on her and then they had a fight.

Chris Brown is not dating Keri Hilson.

he need to we love chris brown music

No and if she tries to I am going to beat her up because I like Chris Brown so much.

he ain't going to jail

In 2004 Chris Brown was going out with some white girl but than dumped her after making his first single "Run it'!!

No. It's Rihanna Chris is going out with her right now..

they are going out but they are thinking about marrige and having kids but chris brown is still cheating on keri hilson to bad for rhianna

Chris Brown* That is up to him, not to us.

yes because they said in a statement that they are going to stand by chris brown

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