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Is religion a lie?

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2009-10-08 16:39:56


My definition of "LIE" is, to deceive purposely. If the leader

of any particular religion really believes that what they're

professing is the truth, then it's not a lie. However, if they

purposely omit details that are harmful to what they're professing,

then it's a lie by omission. Or, if they purposelly pass a lie as

the truth, then that's also a lie.

The first religious leaders who

devised the lie might be dead for hundred years and the lie becomes

written in stone and a sacred tradition to the followers, basing

their identity and unity on this lie. To me religion is the primal

lie to prime subjects for more lies and manipulations by their

oppressors. Most dictatorial leaders are always forcing some kind

of religion on us. Somehow the message is also put across that they

rule by the grace of their god figure and that they represent this

god figure. To criticise them is to criticise god. To find true

freedom, religion must be annihilated.

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