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What triggers liver cirrhosis?

chronic alcoholism auto immune processes, hepatitis alcohol abuse hepatic infiltration

What are the processes of photosynthesis and transpiration?

See related questions below for each individual answer.

What is acculturisation?

These are mechanisims via which individuals in a community are aided for adjustment into the system. These could be processes, ceremonies or spaces which help an individual adjust and deal with new emotions. Acculturisation Processes help an individual deal with Exits from a system, Sudden death of a dear one, Induction into a new system etc.. These processes are designed to reduce and help an individual deal with the emotional upheavels better.

What processes shows how an individual seeks information about a certain issue and how he interprets that information?


Two or more processes interacting such that the combined effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects is called?


What is reasonable accommodation?

A change in the work environment or in normal work processes that enables an individual with a disability to have equal employment opportunities

Is observing is one of the 2 major processes used in science?

processes in observing processes in identifying processes in desribing processes in comparing processes in classyfying processes in inferring processes in guessing processes in preducting processes in hypothesizing processes in measuring processes in experamenting

What are the four geographic processes of rainforests?

Atmospheric processes biotic processes geomorphic processes hydrolic processes

Who created stupidity?

Stupidity is created by the individual under a lack of wanting to attain a higher level of thought. Stupid is--really--what stupid does. By qualifying an individual as "stupid" is to ascertain that an individual is completely incapable of higher level thought processes. From here on out involves ethics. Each individual "creates" their own stupidity and quantifies/qualifies others under their personal interpretation.

What has the author Vivien Eckersley written?

Vivien Eckersley has written: 'An exploration into hidden patterns of individual adaptation to organisational processes using shadow consultancy'

Differences between individual consumer behaviour and organisational buying behaviour?

Individual consumer buying behaviour has to do with all the processes undertaken by the various individual buyers in evaluating and making decisions towards purchasing a product for self- ocnsumption, family use or as a gift to other parties where as organisational buying behaviour has to do with the processes undertaken by a business in evaluatig and making decisions geared towards purchasing prodcuts or raw materials for further prodcution, to be sold to consumers for profit.

What is the primary focus of psychology?

the scientific study of mind and behavior (or mental processes and behavior) in the context of formally socializing and developing the potential of individual human beings.

What is expectancy theory Description?

expectancy theory is about the mental processes regarding choice or explains the processes that an individual undergoes to make organizational behaviour study expentancy theory is a motivation theory first proposed by victor vroom of the yale school of management

Briefly describe classification of manufacturing process?

The different classifications for manufacturing processes are casting processes, machining processes, surface finishing processes, metal working processes joining processes, and shearing and forming processes. The processes used to change the physical characteristics of materials are hardening and tempering.

What are the different geological forces that shape the earth?

There are seven main geological forces that shape the planet Earth. These forces are Aeolian processes, biological processes, fluvial processes, glacial processes, hill slope processes, igneous processes, and tectonic processes.

What has the author Malcolm Pines written?

Malcolm Pines has written: 'The Individual and the Group:Boundaries and Interrelations' 'Bion and Group Psychotherapy (International Library of Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes)'

What is the definition of the term 'figure out'?

The term "figure out" signifies when an individual attempts to solve a given problem. The term refers to the cognitive processes involved in decision making.

How does a chromosome control cell processes?

A chromosome controls cell processes by biological processes such as mitosis and meiosis. These cell processes are what direct cell processes such as cell growth and division.

How do you spell processes?

It is spelt PROCESSES.

What is cultural biological and psychological factors create individual differences?

Sociocultural perspective is a psychological theory which states that individual differences are the result of cultural, biological, and psychological factors. It further states that ethnicity, gender, culture, and socioeconomic status influences behavior and mental processes.

What are physiological processes?

Processes that take place in the living organism. Typically this will refer to normal processes as opposed to pathological (pathophysiological) processes.

What is global state in distributed system?

"The global state of a distributed computation is the set of local states of all individual processes involved in the computation plus the state of the communication channels."

What do women think of crossdressers?

Women don't all have the same personalities and/or thought processes, and the opinions of women towards cross dressers can vary greatly between individual women.

How does application layer process multiple client request?

A single application may employ many different supporting Application layer services; thus what appears to the user as one request for a web page may, in fact, amount to dozens of individual requests. And for each request, multiple processes may be executed. For example, a client may require several individual processes to formulate just one request to a server.

What are the example of unit operation in chemical engineering?

Examples of unit operations include:Separation ProcessesPurification ProcessesMixing ProcessesReaction ProcessesPower Generation ProcessesHeat Exchangers

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