Is religious education compulsory in Australia?

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Q: Is religious education compulsory in Australia?
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What are some examples of countries where primary education is compulsory?

Most countries have compulsory education, which means that they have a set amount of time a student is required to be educated. The United States, Europe, Australia, China, and Canada are just a few examples of the countries that practice compulsory education.

Why does Australia have a high literacy rate?

Australia has universal education, and its compulsory for children above the age of 6 to attend school.

What are the ages for compulsory education in France?

education is compulsory in France from 6 - 16

What is compulsory education?

Compulsory education is a requirement under law that children be provided be educated for some period of time. There is a link below to an article on compulsory education.

Is voting in Federal elections compulsory or voluntary in Australia?

In Australia, voting in Federal elections is compulsory.

What is the number of Years of Compulsory Education in Chile?

There are 12 years of compulsory education in Chile, from 6 to 18 y.o.

How is education similar in Australia and New Zealand?

Both Australia and New Zealand provide free, compulsory education until age 15. Literacy rates are high in these two countries, and many students attend universities.

When did education become compulsory?


What does compulsory education means?

the education is devied into 5 sections

Why don't french schools have Assembly's?

The principles of secularism (a view that public education and other matters of civil policy should be conducted without the introduction of a religious element) are written in the French fundamental law. For religious schools (which are all private), it is not allowed to make religious education compulsory.

When can you drop PE in Australia?

Depending on the school, PE (Physical education) is compulsory only up until the end of year 9 or 10.

What has the author Edmund James King written?

Edmund James King has written: 'Society, schools and progress in the U.S.A. by Edmund J. King' -- subject- s -: Education, Educational sociology, United States 'Education and Development in Western Europe - Addison-Wesley Series in Comparative and International Educa -' 'Post-compulsory education' -- subject- s -: Higher Education, Post compulsory education, Post-compulsory education, Vocational education 'World perspectives in education' -- subject- s -: Education 'Education and social change' -- subject- s -: Education, Educational sociology 'Post-compulsory education II' -- subject- s -: Higher Education, Post compulsory education, Vocational education 'The education of teachers' -- subject- s -: Comparative education, Teachers, Training of 'Communist education' 'Post Compulsory Education Ii H the Way Ahead - SSSEC -'

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