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yess they are best frndzz and batista also his best frend is rey mysterio

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โˆ™ 2009-09-25 06:55:43
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Q: Is rey mysterio and Jeff hardy best friends?
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Is rey mysterio and Jeff hardy friends?

of course they are,havent you seen them on the show.they are like best friends.

WHO IS the best highflyer in WWE?

Jeff hardy Jeff Hardy, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Rey Mysterio or Evan Bourne

Who is Jeff Hardy's best friend?

Well... every body knows that Jeff Hardy's best friend is Rey Mysterio. they r like BFF hahaha!! but anyways seriously they are best friend.

Who is Rey Mysterio's best friend in WWE?

I'm pretty sure Rey's best friend is Jeff Hardy or Batista.

What was the WWE best theme?

το καλυτερο τραγουδι ειναι του Jeff Hardy και του Rey Mysterio

What is the latest news about Jeff Hardy?

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy are now best friends after their huge fight that broke up the Hardy Boyz because of Lita, but now that problem is solved!!!!! Jeff Hardy has had 2 attempts of being WWE Champian but sadly he isn't. Triple H does leave without a fight! Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and Rey Mysterio had a victory over Kane, Mark Henry, and MVP. Jeff Hardy is also making a 7th season to The Hardy Show featuring Matt Hardy and a couple of their friends Shannon Moore, Champ-pain, The Monster, and Yuk. That's all I can think of right now but I hope this helps you out some!!

Will Jeff hardy be drfted to ecw?

hopefully Jeff hardy is the best

Is Jeff hardy lita sister?

no she is his brother's ex girlfriend they were best friends though

Why did Jeff hardy get fired?

Jeff is the best wrestler ever

Who is better Jeff or Jake?

Jeff Hardy! But Cena is the best!

Who is the best wrestler 2007?

Jeff Hardy

What is Jeff hardy best known for?


Who is the best wrestler of all time?

The best wrestler is the Undertaker. He is the best of the best. Rey mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Stone cold, John cena, hbk, Randy Orton, Triple H, The Rock and Hulk Hogan.

Is goldberg better than Jeff hardy?

Goldberg is the best wrestler. Hes better than jeff hardy

Are Batista And Rey Mysterio Best Friends?


Should i go with Jeff hardy or HBK?

HBK for sure. He's the best of all time and Jeff hardy fails.

What title best suits Jeff hardy?


Who has the best WWE theme song?

Jeff Hardy

Who is the worlds best WWE wrestler?

jeff hardy

Who is the best superstar?

Jeff hardy or Kurt angle

Is cm punk the best?

No, Jeff Hardy is better.

Who is the best WWE wrestler alive?

Jeffrey Nero hardy a.k.a Jeff hardy

Who is the best person in everything?

the best person at everything is Jeff hardy

Who is Rey Mysterio's best friend?

well his former best friend was batista but i think now he just has friends like Kofi Kingston Evan Bourne Matt Hardy and john Morrison

Is RVD the best wrestler ever or is Jeff hardy or Triple H?

Jeff Hardy of course then RVD then HHH actually RVD beat Jeff more then Jeff beat RVD