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Q: Is rice a form of wheat?
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Related questions

Is rice a wheat product?

Pure rice is not a wheat product, and does not contain any wheat.

Is basmati rice wheat?

No, rice is not wheat.

Does rice come from wheat?

No. Rice comes from rice, and wheat comes from wheat. Rice and wheat are grasses, but two very distinct domesticated grass species, the most obvious being rice is grown in marshlands and wheat on dryland fields.

Rice and wheat are monocot or dicot?

Rice and wheat are monocots.

Is there wheat in rice krispies?

No they are not called wheat crispies, they are made of rice, that is why they are called rice crispies.

Is rice made from something that grew in soil?

Yes, rice is a plant. The rice that we eat is the seed of the rice plant, just as wheat is the seed of the wheat plant. Both rice and wheat are types of grass.

Is grain rice a wheat?

if you have a wheat grain rice then yes....x

Is rice in the wheat family?

I believe rice is considered a grain and not wheat.

Is wheat considered a carbohydrate?

Yes wheat is a form of carbohydrates as this is what you use to make bread & rice etc. which are all forms of carbohydrates.

Can ordinary flour be used in place of rice flour?

Ordinary flour, also known as wheat flour, can't be used as a reliable substitute for rice flour. Wheat flour has different properties. Rice flour takes on the flavor of the food it is prepared with, while wheat flour has a strong flavor of its own. Rice flour does not contain gluten, which acts as a binding agent, and wheat flour does. Wheat flour tends to form clumps of dough when mixed with water, while rice flour tends to form a smooth batter, the consistency of thick paste. If you substitute wheat flour for rice flour in a recipe, the taste, texture, and amounts used will be incorrect and the recipe may fail completely. Corn starch, tapioca starch and potato starch are better substitutes for rice flour.

Does brown rice have wheat in it?

No, rice of any kind does not contain any wheat.

What are the staple food in india?

Rice in south india and mostly wheat and chapaties in north india. Tea and coffe are common drinks here too. You can get rice or wheat in any part of India in some form or the other

Has rice ever been a form of currency?

yes rice was used as money in a barter system. it was traded with things like salt, copper, wheat, etc.

Does wheat has more fat than rice?

I think that wheat has less fat than rice

Is rice made from wheat?

No, rice and wheat are two very different crops cultivated independently.

What are corn wheat and rice?

corn wheat and rice are all a type of crop grown by farmers.

Is rice somlena wheat gluten free?

The question is sorta confusing. Rice Semolina would the same as Rice flour but maybe made from a darker rice. Rice by itself is gluten free. However if ANY kind of wheat is involved (durum wheat is used for semolina type flour) then it would not be gluten free. Remember, wheat is wheat no matter what type and it will have gluten.

What is the different between rice flour and wheat flour?

Wheat flour and rice flour have many differences other than their derivation from different grains.Rice flour is from rice,wheat flour is from wheat. They contain different nutrients and have different textures. Rice flour does not have gluten. The higher protein and gluten content make wheat flours elastic.

What is the difference in the harvest time of rice and wheat?

i want the time taken for the harvest of rice & wheat

Is wheat better than rice nutritionally?

Yes. Wheat has more protein and fiber content than rice.

What was the Qin dynasty food?

rice, wine, millet, wheat, and soybeans rice, wine, millet, wheat, and soybeans

Is rice flour similar to plain for self raising flour?

No. Rice flour is made from rice. Plain flour is refined wheat flour. Self rising flour is refined wheat flour with baking powder and salt already in it. Wheat flour has gluten, rice flour does not and cannot be used to substitute for wheat flour.

Why is rice not as extensively grown as wheat?

wild rice

What is to be taken rice or wheat flour in diet?


Are yakisoba noodles and rice noodles the same?

No. Yakisoba noodles are wheat based-- rice noodles are, obviously, rice- based. Rice noodles are a great substitute for wheat noodles in soups and pastas, but the texture and taste of yakisoba requires the wheat noodle.