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If your joints are in good condition, and you're physically fit enough to run, it's a reasonable way to lose weight. Don't expect overnight results, however, A single pound of fat equals 3,000 calories; running for an hour consumes between 500 and 600 calories. Therefore, losing a single pound of fat takes 5 to 6 hours of continuous running.

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Is the summer time a good period to lose weight?

yes. swimming, running, and riding bikes are a good way to stay in shape.

What is a exercise that will help you lose some weight?

Running is the fastest way to lose weight--you burn a lot of fat, hence making your weight drop. Swimming and other cardio workouts are good as well.

What is running for weight loss?

Running is a good way to lose weight. You should start at a slow pace at first, and then you should run miles and compete in triathlons in order to stay fit.

Is running to lose weight a fast way of doing it?

Running, especially distance running, is an excellent and fast way to burn calories and lose weight. It is important, though, to not try to ramp up running too quickly or you are at serious risk of injury.

How much do you run to get a flat stomach?

Running is a good way to lose weight and tone the midsection muscles. However, one must eat right to lose more weight and get a flat stomach.

Is jumproping a good way to lose weight?

Well,jumping is a good exercise and it works the legs very well.So,yeah it probably is a good way to lose weight.

How can you lose weight in little time?

A good way to lose weight is to start by running and eating healthier and drinking water. Running speeds up the metabolism and eating healthier is just good for you and water flushes fat and things out of your system. But the most important thing is to stay active and stay motivated

What is the best way to lose weight running?

It is good to run. If you run fast you lose weight faster. If you run slow you just have to run longer. Jogging is good because it is not too fast, not too slow, you can run a lot and not get tired too quickly. If your not into running try to do it every morning and get in the habit .

How do you lose weight fast without puking your food up or not eating?

The other way to lose weight is to start running. Unlike the other suggestions which ruin your health, running makes you healthier.

Is jogging a good way to lose weight?

Yes, jogging can be an effective way to lose weight, as long as you still watch the amount you eat.

What fitness course can I take to lose weight on my stomach?

The best way to lose the fat around the mid-section is by doing aerobic exercises including swimming, biking, running, or walking for thirty minutes a day or more. Along with these activities, a good way to lose this weight is by using weights which increase your metabolic rate which aids in weight loss.

As I women how do I lose weight?

As a woman myself, I've struggled a lot to lose weight. The most effective way that I've learned how to lose weight is to switch up the workout routine every two weeks or so and running every day for as long as possible on a treadmill or outdoors. While running, it's important to incorporate interval training because it's a quick and effective way to lose weight.

Will waterfitness help me lose weight?

Yes anything done in water is a good way to tone up and lose weight - along with a good dieting program

Do you lose weight playing a game of basketball?

yea, because you are running around like crazy. the only way you don't lose weight is if you don't give 110% during the game. if you just play and jog the whole way you won't really lose any weight

What's a good easy way to lose weight?

A good easy way to lose weight is to drink mainly water since it has zero calories and no sodium at all. The water will jump-start metabolism.

Does cycling lose thigh fat?

yes, it does but I think running is better way to lose weight

Is weight cycling a good way to lose weight?

yes cause if you think of health foods then fating foods and make a chart that tells to eat fruits and things like that so yes i do think it is a good way to lose weight.

Is drinking amounts of vinegar a day a good way to lose weight?

Though vinegar does claim to have some good health benefits, there is no scientific proof that drinking any amount of vinegar a day is a good way to lose weight.

Is jumpropinging a good way to lose weight?

Yes, it is a form of cardiovascular exercise like running and biking. It's also good for toning your legs if you stay on your toes while jump roping.

Is Zumba really good for losing a lot of weight?

Yes, Zumba is a good workout and is a good way to lose a lot of weight with a good diet.

What is a good way to lose 20-30 pounds in a month?

There is not a good way to do that. It will take longer than a month to lose that much weight and you have to diet and exercise.

Is sex a good way to lose weight?

When you need information about exercise for weight loss one of the best places to start would be the local online forums. Members offer advice and support each other with advice on exercise for weight loss.

Do sports help people lose weight?

It really depends on what you're participating in. Just participating in sports doesn't make you lose weight for good. You need to do a combination of cardiovascular exercise (such as running) and strength training. The cardiovascular aspect helps you to lose weight, but the weight doesn't stay off unless you increase your metabolism. The easiest way to do that is to strengthen/lift weights.

Can you lose weight by running and eating only pasta?

if that's how you want to go about it then YES ... you can lose weight any way you like ... so long as you burn more foods eaten then you eat ...

What to eat for Fast weight loss?

There is no specific way but not many people can lose very weight fast. A good way is to get regular exercise and a good sleeping pattern

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