Is santino marella gay or not?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: Is santino marella gay or not?
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Who is santino marella's girlfriend?

Santino Marella's girlfriend is Beth Phoenix.

Are Maria and Santino Marella still together?

Yes Santino marella said to Maria will you marry me and Maria said yes to Santino Marella

Who shakes their bum in wrestling?

santino marella does some people thik he is gay but he is not because he has a girlfriend

Is Santino Marella Italian?

Santino Marella is an Italian-Canadian wrestler who currently holds the US championship.

Does Santino Marella has a twin sister?

No, Santina is really played by none other than the US champion, Santino Marella

Is santino marella on steroids?

Santino is not on steroids but has smoked cigarretes in life.

What is Santino Marella's finisher?

The Cobra

Is Santino Marella really Italian?


Where does Santino marella live?

Calabria Italy

Who is the worst wrestler of WWE?

Santino Marella

Who is the weekest WWE wresteler?

santino marella

Does santino marella have kids?

1 daughter.