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Is selena gomez in justin biebers vid?


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Justin Bieber is aisha's boyfriend


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i think the baby vid is coming out in march.and my world to is coming out march 23rd

justin is an only child. he doesn't have a brother. in a youtube vid he called Christian his lil bra but that's about it.

Yes she is veary good at it she said so her self in one vid she mad.

no she wasn't. whatch the vid. of miley and she's not in it..... besides mi and sel are not even close to being best friends

Justin Bieber would like to sing with Selena Gomez which is his girl friend celebrity, he loves her a lot that he wants to be in a vid with her. He also wants to sing more and always sing song with chris brown. Justin Bieber said that Chris Brown is his biggest boy pal in the world of celebrity,s at the music video awards in August. I think he would like to sing with Beyonce because Justin has this biggest crush on her.

UsherNo one he started out by posting a vid on youtube.

no but i saw a vid of him standing like one

it says true love waits she said that in a youtube vid

Justin Bieber's friend with dark brown hair and braces his name is Christian Beadles. =] NEW PERSON: Nuh huh thts his ex's lil bros name. well if you were talking bout him But if you were talkin bout the one in his one time vid idk his name.

No. It was just her and her band goofing off! All he did was hand her a microphone and said,"Will you go perform your heart out on that stage?" Nothing big. She's 18, she probably wants to get married when she's probably out of college.And their was another video you guys probably saw that was on youtube, that their was 2 boys, one dressed up as Selena and the boy dressed up as a big fan. And he proposed to her. But that vid was totally fake! That was just made by people who didn't have a life. Selena Gomez is not engaged. she does not plan on getting married for a while. Selena Gomez is not planning on getting married right now-she doesn't plan to for like another few years...or longer.She's 19 now.

Most likely. In the vid. of ustream starring jennette and ariana grande and said that she was gonna ask for a justin beiber poster.

he dances go to and search what Justin bieber does in his spare time . its a funny vid if you want to see more you-tube search Justin bieber or go to

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yup, most diff. can u didnt c his "u smile" vid? he's playin the piano

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they did not say anything what they did was sorta copy them they delete the vid. for youtube but probly other people took it 2 post on utube

in her new youtube vid its whoa oh (me vs every guy) by forever the sickest kids hoped tht helped xxx

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