Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

Is seventeen the legal age to move out in il?


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You need parental consent to move until you are 18.


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Yes, there is a legal age to move out. It is the age of majority, the point where you are considered an adult. In Illinois, that is 18.

Legal minimum home alone age in IL is 13.

im seventeen years old and im looking for a job in Kankakee IL

18. When you turn 18 you are an adult.

u have to be 14 to get a shotgun listens

Hedgehogs are perfectly legal in Illinois (IL).

It depend on the height and weight of the child.

it just might be 17, check maybe with your courthouse. I live in Jacksonville, IL about 3 hours from Chicago and i know at 17 it's legal here to move out, it should be the same for the whole state, but still check with your court house at the front desk they could find out for you.

No. It is considered a weapon and if you take it to school you will be in trouble.

In the State of Illinois, to bartend you have to be at least as old as you have to be to drink the liquor: 21.

21, the same as in all of Il. That is wrong. In Champaign, IL which is what the question was asking it is 19. Yes, a 19 year old cant legally drink but they can serve drinks.

il means not like illegal not legal

To pump gas in IL, you must be old enough to drive, so 16

the legal age of marriage in all 52 states of America is 18 years old.

There Is a legal age in Il. to babysit.- The child must be 11, and the time should be limited. If left alone for a substantial amount of time- (there is no set limit on that time ) say.... over 4 hours- the child needs to be 13.

{| |- | The age of majority in Illinois is 18. That is what is required to sign a contract and to own property such as a house. Prior to that age, the parents are responsible for the actions and welfare of their children. |}

Like most states, the age of majority in Illinois is 18. Until that point they are considered a minor for most situations under the law. And their parents remain responsible for them.

I would have to guess here, but I believe the age is 13. I would check local laws, curfew restrictions, and the local police department. They would probably know the answer.

The age of majority in IL is 18. You can move out at 17 if your parents give you permission to do so OR you've been emancipated in some manner.

Move to another state ....the only ones allowed to break the rules in IL are state officials. This is why i am moving to AZ

I'm almost sure it is 11 or 12 years old but i think u have to have a babysitting pernit if u want to have a "business" doing it.

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