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All water we drink and produce as sewage is part of the water cycle.

Water is taken from rivers and lakes and treated to drinking water standard.

Wastewater then goes down the sewers to a wastewater treatment plant where it is treated to clean it and then put back into you're not directly drinking sewage!

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Q: Is sewage reused as drinking water?
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What percentage of drinking water is reused?

All of it.

Can you get lockjaw from drinking sewage water?

if rust/rusty metal sediments are in the water

How can flooding contaminate the water supply?

Floodwaters allow sewage to mix with drinking water.

What can cause clean usable water to become toxic?

If your drinking water gets mixed with your sewage water...

Where does England get its drinking water?

They clean it themselves by using lots of different tanks which separate sewage and clean the water bit by bit in certaion stages such as sludge tank then the water is clean and reused in homes

How does water polluition work?

Sewage is a term for the waste of people and animals. Normally, sewage is sent off to a treatment plant, and kept entirely separate from drinking water. If sewage was to enter the water supply, it would make people extremely sick.

What did early Egyptian civilization use the Nile River for?

drinking water sewage crops soil

What is a halogen used in gaseous and liquid form for large scale disinfection of drinking water and sewage?


How can contamination of drinking water occur from sewage even in a covered drainage system?

i dont know can you say

What is human sewage?

Byproducts of human waste that's usually discarded and collected by the local water department to avoid possible contamination of drinking water. Normally, sewage waste is sent to an incinerator where is burned.

Water containing human wastes?

Generically this is known as sewage. Grey water (contaminated water from sinks and baths) can be reused for purposes like flushing toilets. Water from flushing toilets is "black" water and is sent off for treatment.

How much dirty water can you drink before you die?

It depends how dirty. Theres a piece of dust, or your drinking sewage.