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AnswerNot for all women. AnswerIt can be for a woman, depending on various physical and emotional factors. Some women's first times were painful, some women had no pain at all.

Best advice? Make the guy use a condom and a water based lubricant (k-y jelly). Make sure the guy you are with takes the time to sexually arouse you (if you're a guy, take the time to arouse the girl--you'll enjoy it.) Also, don't have sex until you are 100% comfortable with the idea and are not being persuaded into it.

AnswerIt sort of can be for some, not for others. It also depends on how big the guy is and how small you are. It can hurt, however, if the guy loves you, the two of you will be able to deal with it. Also, you NEED to use a condom. You NEED to deal with Birth Control. Welcome to the world of woman hood. AnswerIt was a little painful for me.. I didn't bleed. If you do plan to have sex, just make sure you talk to your partner first and have him understand to take it easy. AnswerHello, are people really this naive???! Hymenectomy, you can have the hymen removed BEFORE you have sex. We do live in modern times with modern inovations-such as medicine, you might have heard of this before. As such, there is no reason for women to have to put up with a man too eager to wait for sex that they can't have the hymen removed. So instead, they end up with people telling them it's normal to have it tear and to bleed for a week or so. NO IT'S NOT! Have the hymen removed. This won't cure all the other problems but it will sure help. AnswerHello, did you notice that some people can't afford that kind of surgery? It should be natural anyway. Sex was painful the first time and I bled, but I did it with someone worthy enough.
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Is First time sex painful for men or only for women?

First time sex is definitely not painful for men unles there is something wrong. It can be painfull for women in some cases.

How long does sex hurt?

sex is normally only a bit painful for woman the first time.

Does intercourse hurt girls?

The first time many females have sex, it is painful. Some women even bleed their first time. After the first time, the pain should subside and it should no longer hurt them. However, if a woman had sex with a man when she is not aroused, or horny, then sex may be painful for her.

What is most likely sex?

Painful and weird first time, lovely the rest...

How is sex your first time?

Terrifying, painful, un-epic, worrying. The second time was better tho'.

Why is sex sometimes painful for a woman the first time?

it was painful for me the first time because it is the first time something that big is inside of you but if you are relaxed it will most likely hurt less. the reason it hurts is because your vagina is stretching to new sizes.

Why first time sex is more painful?

First time sex is painfull for many reason.. I.E. your nervous so you tightien up, your not really ready so your not lubricated,, and your vagina is tight from not having sex before..

Is first time sex fun or scary?

First time sex is almost always scary because NEITHER party knows exactly what to do. (It is fun afterward, but probably a little painful for one.)

Is sex harmful?

No. Sex is completely harmless. But is my hurt the fist time you have sex. So i recommend, inserting 1 or 2 fingers into your vagina to get used to the feeling. It will make your first time less painful!

What does it mean when a guy asks you if you're a virgin?

He is asking if you have ever had sex with anyone before. The first time you have sex can be slightly painful and he may be concerned for you.

Does is hurt the first time?

For a woman, having sex for the first time involves breaking a membrane called the hymen. This is mildly painful, but nothing you really need to worry about.

How will a recently seal broken girl react while having a sex for second time?

It's much less painful & more pleasurable every time after the first.

Do women find sex painful?

wHeN iTs ThErE fIrSt TiMe It HuRtS lIk F*cK bUt DaN yEw CaNt StOp!! -BaBy GrL wAs HeRe

How do you feel pleasured?

just dun hurt the person during sex remember it will be painful when it is the first time sexing vagina of girls might bleed

Is sex painful for men when the penis is not circumcised?

It shouldn't be painful.

When your pregenat how painful is it?

Have sex

Do your first time hurt?

yes! first time could be painful because i male penis is tearing open the vagina of a female so it can be painful but you will get use to it?

What is greater the pain of sex or the pleasure?

sex should not be painful

If the man isn't a virgin but the woman is would sex be painful for the men too?

Sex should never be painful for a man, virgin or not.

If you have fingered yourself will sex for the first time still hurt?

this is actually a great question and in fact if its the first time yes its a bit less painful because you will be less tight in your vagina. There is a small chance you will break your hymen as well, which would prevent this from happening during intercourse for the first time.

Sex for first time with condom can first time sex change cycle?

.........???????????? English please.

Is Sex after long time like first time?

No, your first time will stay with you forever. No matter how many times you have sex in your life your very first time will stay special.

What percentage of women say they did not enjoy sex the first time?

60% of women say they did not enjoy sex the first time.

If A girl is doing it for the first time isn't she suppose to feel more or is it normal not to feel anything while having sex?

Normally the first time is a mixture of pain and pleasure. Mattering on how big the man's penis is and how gentle he is can make it more or less painful. It is not normal to not feel anything during sex under any circumstances.

What does it mean if you bled after sex and sex is painful?

You broke your hymen. Or, "Popped your cherry." It's perfectly normal, it's supposed to happen. Have sex again. It'll feel better the second time.