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'Since the last ten years...' is correct, but is only part of a sentence.

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Q: Is since last 10 years correct grammatically?
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Is I haven’t saw him since last Wednesday grammatically correct?

No, what would be grammatically correct is: I haven’t seen him since last Wednesday.

Is Yes it did rain last night grammatically correct?

No, its Yes, it did rain last night.

Is this statement grammatically correct 'I sung to the baby last night'?

No. That would be "I sang to the baby last night."

Is this sentence grammatically correct Him and I went to the movies last night?

The correct grammar usage here would be: He and I went to the movies last night.

How do you spell the word years?

Years is the correct spelling.An example sentence is "it has been several years since the last accident".

You could not have been - it is a correct word?

"You could not have been" is grammatically correct. "You could not have been at the cinema last night, because I saw you in the park."

Is this sentence grammatically correct I haven't been with my daughter since four years now?

No. The proper phrasing would be:"I haven't been with my daughter for four years (now)." (now is understood)The word since is used to date from a specific past event or time, e.g."I haven't been with my daughter since my divorce four years ago.""I haven't been with my daughter since 2008."It can also be phrased colloquially using since to introduce a clause:"It has been four years since I was with my daughter."(meaning it has been four years since the last time I was with my daughter)

Is it was nice meeting you albeit briefly last night grammatically correct?

Use "however" rather than "albeit"

Is using 'I am' as the last word of a sentence proper grammar?

That depends on when you use "I am." It's kind of correct to use "I am" as the only words in a sentence if someone asks if you are doing something. It's also grammatically correct to say "I am" after the relative prounoun what. For example, both "You are turning into what I am," and "I am what I am," are grammatically correct.

He has been working since last five years He is working since last five years which one is correct?

Neither. Use "He has been working for the last five years."Present perfect continuous eg has been working is used with for and since as time markersFor is used with a period of time eg for ten years, for 10 minutes, for the last five years.Since is used with a point in time eg since wednesday, since 10 am, since last year, since the holidays

Is it grammatically correct to say Her sister and her?

Yes, that is grammatically correct, as long as you are using them as objects, although it is probably more usual to say "her and her sister". For example, it is correct to say "He dated her sister and her last year." "He dated her and her sister last year" is also correct. If you are using them as subjects, however, you must use "she" instead of "her": "She and her sister both attended Evergreen College." It is incorrect to use "she" as an object or "her" as a subject.

Is it correct when two people are in a picture for one to say that this is my husband and I?

Yes, the formal and grammatically correct way of addressing yourself and another person is to put yourself last.

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