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Singing is indeed healthy. Physically, singing excersies facial, throat and vocal muscles, as well as the lungs, most important. In a higher sense, singing is mood altering, helping mental health. The scriptures inspire those who are sad or melancholic to sing psalms. Happy music is usually a way to bring cheer.
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How do you sing?

You cant really explain how to sing but you have to keep practicing alot and find what style suits you best such as high or low voice. Singing is merely holding on to a word or sound made from your voice. How you fluctuate or move the sound along what is called a "scale" determines your style. You' ( Full Answer )

How do you get healthy?

HOW DO YOU GET/STAY HEALTHY ANSWER: . If you're already healthy:. Keep doing what you're doing. If you're about to do something that you know is extremely unhealthy, never think ,"oh, im healthy enough" and do it. Pay attention to how much you say that to yourself, because you might say it more ( Full Answer )

How do you be healthy?

well your healthy when you . drink no soda instead drink juices that only say 100% . ride a bike for 5-10 min. . do 10 push ups . 150 jumping jacks . and always choose healthy foods don't just eat junk for no reason or because your hungry eat a granola bar instead

What is singing?

It is to make talking sound beautiful. Singing is the way of projecting sounds that have different tones that regular speaking does.

How can you be healthy?

Tips for being healthy: 1: Exersize or go out for a run at least once a day 2: Drink 6 glasses of water each day (That's alot of water!) 3: Eat one fruit a day 4: don't be a slob and watch TV all day eating popcorn. It's nothealthy for your diet! Tip: Don't be tempted to eat or drink anything that y ( Full Answer )

What is sing sing?

Sing Sing is a maximum security prison operated by the New YorkState Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.

Are tacos healthy?

Basically, eat with a healthy filling and not too often or toomany. Tacos do contain salt and fat. I like Gluten free plain Tacos and tortillas with salad and a lightdip. Enjoy!

Is McDonalds healthy?

Overall, the McDonald's menu is not healthy due to excessivesodium, sugar, preservative, and fat content. The stupid burgers and chicken nuggets they sell are completely100% fake. One person bought McDonalds food and after 20 years, Itis known to be fake. Those fake idiot food from McDonalds will m ( Full Answer )

Who sings how do you do?

Cascada (Roxette) or Shakira.. "How do you do ? mm hmm I thought wa-na na-na na-na Just me and you, and then we can na-na na-na." Performed by duo, Mouth and Macneal in 1974.

Are fruits healthy and how are they healthy?

Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that may help protect you from chronic diseases. Compared with people who consume a diet with only small amounts of fruits and vegetables, those who eat more generous amounts as part of a healthful diet are likely to have reduced ( Full Answer )

How you can be healthy?

15 Healthy New Year resolutions . It's a whole new year, 365 days of possibilities! With all therevelry and merrymaking come the resolutions, promises that peoplemake to themselves to better different areas of their life in thecoming year. More often than not, being healthy and staying fitrank hig ( Full Answer )

Why do healthy foods keep you healthy?

Healthy foods contain various minerals and nutrients that help your body to function properly and to the best of it's ability, making your body healthy. For example, many healthy foods contain Vitamin B's, which help your metabolism, so you can burn calories efficiently and properly. This lowers the ( Full Answer )

Why is healthy living foods healthy for you?

Well, healthy foods are healthy because they contain nutrients andother vitamins for your body. You also need a certian amount of thenutrients and vitamins to be healthy. And when your healthy, you'reliving healthy. Did that answer your question?

Energy drinks healthy or not healthy?

Energy drinks are incredibly popular and contain high amounts of sugar and caffeine. An average energy drink contains 160 milligrams of caffeine and 60 grams of sugar and well as over 200 calories. Many of the energy drinks have warnings labels that say things like "not for children, pregnaent woman ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to be healthy?

If you are not healthy you will die. If you are overweight your arterys will grt clogged up so your body will not get the energy that it needs. If you are underweight your body will also not get all of the energy that it needs. If you get ill then there is something wrong with your body and if it do ( Full Answer )

Why you have to be healthy?

Being healthy is a good thing. Everyone should be healthy at all times. You should always eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, and get lots of rest at night. You should never have junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast you can have unhealthy, lunch healthy and junky or one, but dinn ( Full Answer )

Who sing you and i?

two different songs with that title Rick James in 1978 Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gayle in 1983

Why is meat healthy or not healthy for the body?

It has good Vitimans and Minerals that help your body grow stronger. They also help you to digest and get energy. But eating to much meat is also not good. It can age skin cells

Who sings you are?

Lionel Ritchie had a good song (his best I thought) called You Are in 1983. Hopefully this is the one you are looking for. If not, you can type the name of the song, or a few lyrics that you remember, along with the word lyrics and probably find it.

Who sings this is how you do it?

There are two songs listed with the major American PROs by that title: one by Keith Harris performed by Malaki, and one by Stevie Bensusen, Shaun Labelle, and Gerald Stober with no performers listed. For reference, "This is How We Do It" was the first #1 hit for Montell Jordan, in 1995.

Which foods are healthy and which are not healthy?

Well most foods are healthy just that some food have a lot of sugar in them. Fruit and Veg are the main healthy food but cakes and chocolate are high in sugar. if fry the food is going to have more fat but if you grill it will have less fat

Healthy nation begins with healthy you?

The United States cannot become a healthy nation until it introduces universial health care, and puts it's new, healthier population to work to actually produce the high quality goods it used to , and repair its crumbling infrastructure, and become a manufacturing economy again, not one based only o ( Full Answer )

Why do you be healthy?

You should be healthy because if you don't you might end up in the hospital. You might get diabetes or any kind of diseases. If you are healthy you can do more things without being tired (such as walking, running, sky diving skiing etc.).

Why do you have to sing?

Well people sing because they probably enjoy it and they love doing it. Or it could be their passion. But you do not have to sing if you do not want to, people sing at one time or another in their lives, whether you sing at home, in the shower, anywhere at all , it is OK to sing, but like I said you ( Full Answer )

Why was healthy snack was healthy?

because if you eat healthy it gives you vitamins to help you do exercise to keep you fit and strong just like my boyfriend

Why does she sings?

Because long ago it was "she singeth" (I don't know why) and "she sings" sounds like that.

What makes healthy food healthy?

Healthy food is "nutrient dense". A nutrient dense food has a low ratio of calories to nutrients. For example, a spinach leaf is loaded with nutrients with very few calories. Healthy food is also satisfying. A satisfying food fills you up without a ton of calories. For example, a potato chip packs ( Full Answer )

How are mushrooms healthy?

One cup of chopped or sliced raw white mushrooms contains 15calories, 0 grams of fat, 2.2 grams of protein, 2.3 grams ofcarbohydrates (including 0.7 grams of fiber and 1.4 grams ofsugar). . Mushrooms are rich in B vitamins such as riboflavin, folate,thiamine, pantothenic acid, and niacin. They are ( Full Answer )

What can you get out of singing?

Singing 20 minutes a day can bring down snoring. Also, if your good enough, you could star a band. Some people like Britney Spears or Micheal Jackson, are so good you can become famous which can earn you fame and fans. Remember, Fame is a bee. It's sweet at first, but some people might not like you ( Full Answer )

Healthy lipids for a healthy diet?

Water milk fruit smothies anything natrual, id drink water all the time with ever meal its the healthist thing to drink

What are healthy foods healthy foods?

Vegetables but particularly dark green vegetables, fruits (but some fruits more than others), quality protein and certain beneficial fats and oils. In addition, organic food is much better than non organic food.

What is the healthy guideline of healthy diet?

Don't eat anything pre-packaged, cook from scratch, and eat 6 small meals a day. All food should fall under categories such as diary, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products. Balance your meals. Eat enough fiber, protein, and carbs (yes, carbs too!) Try getting 100% your daily vitamins th ( Full Answer )

Is healthy choice meal healthy?

Are you kidding? You must be. Have you read the nutritional info on their packages?! Just check the sodium. Way too much salt.

What are the lyrics to sing sing sing?

Chorus: Sing sing sing and make music with the heavens. We will sing sing sing, greatful that you hear us. We shout your praise, lift high the name of Jesus. Verse: What's not to love about you. Heaven and earth adore you. Kings and kingdoms bow down. Son of god you are the one, we're living for. Y ( Full Answer )

Who sings you can get with this or you can get with that?

There are two versions of this song: Song Title: The Choice Is Yours Artist: Black Sheep Original Release (vinyl): 1991 Song Title: The Choice Is Yours (Revisited) Artist: Black Sheep Original Release (Cassette) CD: 1994 The original release of the 1991 album does not have the 'rev ( Full Answer )

What makes a healthy meal healthy?

Some are healthy by what ingredients you add to them. For example: If you wanted pasta to be more healthy, you would change the noodle to whole wheat noodles, and add low-fat Canadian cheddar.

Who sings if i had you?

If I Had You - Adam Lambert :) It's on his album, For Your Entertainment :)

Who sings we are who you are?

Ke$ha sings we are who we are if u want to hear it go on youtube and type it in> It is an awsome song you should hear it sometime ha ha >

How healthy are healthy choice meals for you?

By "healthy choice meals" I assume you mean packaged meals, so if that is the case, I will give your question an shot of answering it. Most packaged meals these days tend to focus on "healthy" meaning "low fat" content. So much processed food now is marketed as being healthy, but what most consum ( Full Answer )

How did you get into singing?

How I got into singing is that I tried out my singing voice, and of course that was my first time, so I was horrible... So the next day, I practiced singing some songs that I know, then I started getting the hang of singing, I became to be good at singing. A couple days later I was awesome at si ( Full Answer )

Will you be healthy if you eat healthy?

Yes You are to consult a Nutritionist, as certain healthy foods may not be ideal for your physique, digesting system. It is advisable to follow the diet chart as suggested by the Nutritionist for you.

How does healthy food get us healthy?

Health is usually defined by how free we are of disease and howmuch vitality we have in general. Things that are natural arefamiliar to the body and provide the body with the things it needsto maitain its natural healthy state. If we give it processed food,it gets confused and does not know how to u ( Full Answer )

How does singing keep you healthy?

it exercises your vocal cords, but you shouldn't overdo it or else your throat might get a little scratched up or it might start hurting

What healthy foods aren't healthy?

Your question is a bit of a fallacy, since any truly healthy food is healthy. However, there are clearly many unhealthy foods which are advertised as having health benefits, but this does not necessarily make them healthy. For example, pretty much any type of gummy sweet could carry the health cla ( Full Answer )

Are carbohydrates healthy and is it healthy to have in food?

Yes, carbohydrates are healthy and your body needs them. They are aquick source of energy. Foods high in carbohydrates include bread,cake, sugar, potatoes, cereal etc. The problem with carbohydratesis that people tend to eat too much of them and/or the wrong typeswhich can lead to weight gain.

Am I healthy?

Only your doctor can tell you if you are healthy. If you eat ahealthy diet, drink lots of water and exercise several times a weekthen you should be healthy. If you have concerns about your healththen you should see your doctor.

Are you healthy?

I believe that, for my age, I am healthy. However others may notshare my belief.