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Skull Island is the fictional Indian ocean island that is the setting for "King Kong".

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Q: Is skull island a real island?
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What was the 'real name' for Treasure Island according to Silver?

i believe it was skull island

Was skull island real?

Skull Island is a fictional island first appearing in the 1933 film King Kong and later appearing in its sequels and in the two remakes.

Was skull island a real place?

Yes, skull island was explored by scientists in 1934, if you get King Kong, the two disc special edition, the second disc will tell you more information about it.

Can i buy real human skull?

can i buy real human skull

Where is King Kong from?

He is not really from skull island is was born in the wild and was brought to skull island

Which island is King Kong from?

Skull Island.

How do you get to the island of skull duggy on skull duggy island?

you have to find the map pieces on all the islands then you have to sail to skulldugry island

What island does King Kong live on?

Skull Island.

What island is the fictional King Kong from?

Skull Island

Where is skull island located?


What island is the fictional gorilla King Kong from?

Skull Island.

What island does the gorilla King Kong is from?

It's Skull Island

What island is the fictonal character King Kong from?

skull island

What island did King Kong live on the 1933 film?

Skull Island

Where is King Kong?

He lives in a mysterious island called Skull Island

What is the cavity on Skullduggery Island?

its the teeth on the skull

How do you get the skull on Skullduggery Island on poptropica?

You don't!

How do you finish skull druggery island poptropica?

you do.

Which island was the jungle home of King Kong in the 1933 film?

skull island

Which Island was the home of King Kong in the 1933 film?

it was called Skull Island

Which film character is from Skull Island?

King Kong

What is the name of King Kong's home?

Skull Island.

Where was King Kong captured?

On the outskirts of Skull Island

How do you get past skull duggery island?

it is really hard

How can you stop the smoke on skull duggery island?

Jump on it