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Smoking and/or chewing tobacco is very bad for you and can easily kill you.

Smoking marijuana is also not very healthy and is usually illegal.

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Q: Is smoking cigarets bad for you?
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What makes smoking cigarettes good for you?

Nothing. Smoking cigarets is likely to kill you.

What should you do if you want to quit smoking but you want to smoke?

Tell yourself not to buy Any cigarets and relax hang out with friends that do not smoke and forget cigarets even are in this world

How smoking affects your lungs?

Over the years all of the chemicals from the cigarets gradually eat and damage your lungs.

Why are cigarets bad for you?

Cigarettes are bad because they are the #1 cause of lung cancer. You'll have more colds and upper respiratory problems then non-smokers. There are 400 known poisons in tobacco. 400,000 people die each year due to smoking.

Why do cigarettes taste bad when you are ill?

I Don't Know!!!!! I'm An Idiot When It Comes To ill People Or Cigarets!!!!!

Is smoking good or bad?

Smoking is bad.

Is smoking bad for you?

smoking is bad for you and you shouldn't do it

Is smoking cocaine like smoking?

yes but it is extremely danger us. what cocaine does is it sorda makes you fell extremely good about yourself. what cigarets do is take stress out of you and anxiety. if you smoke cocaine your body takes that as a need winch makes it addictive. you use all your money on it and it messes up your life. when you dont have any drugs to feed your self you start shaking. no drugs in your system is cold turkey and you die. same thing with cigarets. your chest starts to hert if you are addictive to cigarets, your extremely angry.

Is smoking mint bad for you?

smoking anything is bad for you

How did you quit smoking?

I quit smoking cigs after almost 10 years by using electronic cigarets as a crutch. They give you the nicotine your body craves without all the harmful chemicals like tar or carbon monoxide.

Why do people smoke cigarets?

Generally they start smoking because they think it makes them look cool, or their freidns are smoking, or they are pressured into smoking by other friends that smoke, then they become addicted to nicotine and smoke to fulfill the carving for nicotine - if you don't smoke DON'T START !

What has the author Carrie H Livings Flatter written?

Carrie H. Livings Flatter has written: 'Twelve reliable lessons on cigarets' -- subject(s): Smoking

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