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No, but it is said that Rob Lowe (the actor that plays Sodapop in the movie) asked S.E. Hinton (the author of the book) what happens to his character.

S.E. Hinton said that Sodapop goes to Vietnam and dies there.

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Sodapop Curtis likes girls and cars.

Sodapop Curtis is 16, going on 17.

Sodapop ran out when Darry and Ponyboy fought because the tension between them was tearing Sodapop apart.

One of the differences between Sodapop and Darry Curtis is that Sodapop is more happy go lucky while Darry is a worrier. Sodapop is understanding while Darry is tough.

In The Outsiders, Rob Lowe played Sodapop Curtis.

Sodapop lives with Ponyboy and Darry. He is the middle Curtis brother.

Sodapop was in emotional of losing his pet's gang and Darry!

Yes Sodapop Curtis is blonde. Your welcome โ˜บ

Sodapop Curtis dropped out of school because he was failing at it. He also wanted to help with the money payments

What wad a significant event for sodapop Curtis

Sodapop lived with his brothers, Darry and Ponyboy, in their house in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

sodapop fights for fun"its action, its a contest. like a drag race"-sodapop

Because even though Sodapop is a dropout, he is very wise and comforting. Sodapop is an example that you dont have to go to school to be knowledgable.

Sodapop is Ponyboy's second older brother. He is described as being movie star handsome and optimistic.

It doesn't say so in the book, but S.E. Hinton has stated that Sodapop dies in Vietnam.

Sodapop only smokes when something is bugging him or "to steady his nerves or when he wants to look tough" (97).

Because Sodapop has good looks, dropped out of school, and works at a gas station

Because Sodapop is his brother; and because Soda dropped out to help work for them.

Sodapop Curtis. If you read the book you would know that Sodapop Curtis is on his birth certificate.

Your speling is worse then mine. It was from Sodapop, his brother.

Ponyboy had described Sodapop as a person who understands everyone very well. He also said that Sodapop can possibly cheer you up with his grin. And of course, Ponyboy said that Sodapop is the movie-star kind of handsome, which means that he's very, very handsome. Hopes this helps!

It's all about image. Sodapop is, in reality, a bookworm. But by definition, Greasers are not bookworms. So Ponyboy makes Sodapop look like a bad-ass by calling him a dropout.

If you have read the book and/or seen the movie you would know that it is Darry. Darry is the oldest, Sodapop is the middle child.

It's Rob Lowe ,but Sodapop isn't true though .But in the movie ,it wuz Rob Lowe .

Ponyboy loves sodapop more than he loves anyone in his family or anywere. He says sodapop and him talk about everything together and soda understands everyone and everything and that's why he loves him so much