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you should not and I mean not even get anywhere near them till there 2 weeks old ten gently pt tiny pieces of tourn up toilet paper dont put felt or anything else near them. trust me it might kill them Pt the toilet paperin their sleeping place at night when none of them are in the nest and tissue Paper is perfetly fine

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โˆ™ 2009-12-23 18:20:46
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Q: Is soft tissue paper OK for baby hamster bedding?
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What tipe of bedding should you use for a baby bird?

Use shredded toilet paper. i am not sure about hamster bedding. also if you can, find dry leaves and use these

What type of bedding is used for a baby mole?

Newspaper and paper towels torn up into long shreds as bedding make great bedding for baby moles. You can also the same bedding as used for hamsters and gerbils.

How do you nurse baby hamster when mother hamster has died?

This is what you do. There are two things you can do. One is put some milk into a medicene dropper and put it in their mouths. Or buy another girl hamster(same kind) and take some bedding out of the new mom hamster and rub the baby hamsters in it. Put on of the baby hamsters that was rubbed in the new mom's bedding and put it with the new mom. If the mom doesn't eat it do the same things with rest. Hope this helps!

What the baby hamster can drink if the mother hamster is dead?

if the mother is dead the baby hamster needs to be introduced to a new mother that has babies of a similar age at the moment, but the mother will kill it if she thinks it isn't hers and to trick her into thinking its hers you must rub her used bedding all over the baby hamster and put it in with her litter.

When can you touch the baby hamster after there born?

You must not touch a baby hamster at all after it has been born. It is recommended that you wait at least two weeks before touching the baby at all. Only go into the cage to give fresh food, water and bedding. Mummy hamster will do the rest of the work!

When can you change the bedding after the baby hamsters are born?

Wait at least a week to completely clean it. You can scoop out the wet bedding without disturbing momma hamster, just don't touch the babies.

What baby bedding is the warmest?

I have found that the warmest baby bedding the airplane baby bedding., you find this at beyond bedding.

Would hamster beding be fine for baby mice?

Generally, hamster bedding is good for most rodent pets. A good idea would be to buy some hamster fluff for the baby mice to sleep on. It's really soft cotton that rodents use to create soft nests for themselves.

What is the best material of baby hamster's nest?

The best bedding all together is the recycled paper bedding, like CareFresh. Aromatic woods like cedar and pine are known to cause cancer and tumors in small rodents. It is also okay to add scraps of a natural fiber cloth, like 100% cotton fabric (like the scrap of an old tshirt). The mom will shred it up to make a nest in the bedding.

What are examples of sorbents?

Examples of sorbents are paper towels, tissue paper, sponges, corn husks, baby diapers...

Will my baby get sick from chewing on his bedding?

If the bedding is clean, there is no reason to expect your baby to get sick from chewing on his bedding.

What are the safety standards for baby bedding?

Most baby bedding is very firm so the baby doesn't roll over and suffocate.

How long does a baby hamster stay as a baby hamster?

Until it is not a baby any more

What is the softest baby bedding?

That would be the Stokke 4-Piece Baby Mini Crib Bedding Set.

Your hamster had its baby what do you need to do?

do not touch it or the hamster will eat it you can only touch it if it has fur the mummy hamster will take care of it and it will feed it milk if the mummy hamster ate the baby it means that the baby is dead so really you do not have to do any thing because the mummy hamster will look after it you can watch the baby hamster but do not touch it.

Will you get infected if a baby hamster bites?

No, probably not. A baby hamster is like a normal hamster, only smaller, and a baby. But my hamster used to bite me a lot and I didn't get infected. so, no you won't.

Can a boy hamster have a baby?

No. It is not even physically possible for a boy hamster to have a baby. You could try to make it have a baby with another boy hamster but the two would just fight, not mate. There is no possible way to make a boy hamster have a baby.

Are there stain resistent baby bedding sets?

All of the popular baby bedding companies like Gerber and American Baby have stain-resistant/proof baby bedding. Just look for fleece sheets. Spit-up and milk will wipe right off!

Why baby hamster eat other baby hamster?

Cuz they're freaks.

When can a baby hamster eat hamster food?

Baby hamster's only drink their mother's milk and they proceed to eat hamster food once they're weaned.

How can I keep my baby bedding smelling nice?

Wash all baby bedding regularly. Utilize waterproofing to extend durability.

Why baby hamster lick hamster mother mouth?

because the baby hamster is looking for residue on the mothers mouth to eat :3

What do you do with baby hamsters?

when the female hamster gives birth, put the male hamster into another cageand you should separate the babies from there parents when they are 3 weeks old because in many cases the female will eat the babies. Do not play with baby hamsters until they can see because most baby hamster are born blind. Also make sure that you give them extra bedding so that they don't get cold because all baby hamsters are born furless. Also when they are 3 wks old, separate the female and male baby hamsters as they will mate and it's not good for hamsters to give birth at a young age as they will die faster.

Who gets baby hamster if the female hamster is your friends?

the hamster fairy.

Is there a certain kind of bedding for baby mice?

not really but if it is babies as you said I would highly recomend just plain sredded paper and do not use wood chips