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Is software a program or code?

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Software is both a program and a code. A computer consists of hardware and software. The hardware is the stuff you can physically touch. The software is the programs and data, both of which must be digitally encoded.

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It is both. Programs and data are all encoded in binary, thus they are software.

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Difference between software and programes?

Program is a specific kind of software, whereas software is just the general term. Program is source code + object code, whereas software is documentation + source code + object code Program is set of instructions, whereas software is set of programs.

How can one develop a software program?

with code.

What are Software password?

Software can consist of a program or application. A software password is an encrypted code that protects the program or application from outside access.

What is difference between software and program?

a program is set of code written in any programming language, while software is program with documentation

What is validation for a software program?

You Type In The Code From The Program To Make Sure It's Not Illegal

What is a compiler in c program?

A compiler is a software program that translates C code into object code. The resultant object code can then be linked to produce an executable.

Where you can get free software registration code?

Commercial software offers registration codes when you buy the program.

What does the word antivirus software mean?

It is a software program which is designed to look for, prevent, and remove any malicious software code that is on your computer.

What is the first step in software programming?

Generally, the first step in learning to program is to understand the process of editing code, compiling the software and running the subsequent program.

What does the program 7- zipdo fot yjr file on your computer?

The program 7- Zipdo is a software for a computer. This software is made to store code in the computer.

Is compiler a hardware?

No, a compiler is not hardware - it is software - a program that converts, or compiles, source code representing a program into its machine code so that it can be executed on the computer.

Is an app and icon the same thing?

An app refers to an application, such as a software program. An Icon in computer terms is a visual representation of a software program/code or a shortcut to a software or hardware location. -KS-

What is the difference between a developer and an engineer?

A software engineer analyzes the customer requirements and designs the software to meet those requirements.A software developer follows the software design created by the software engineer and writes the program code to implement that design.A software tester verifies correct operation of the program code written by the software developer to see that it meets the original customer requirements.

A line of software code is called?

A line of software code is called a line of source code... Come on now.Source lines of code (SLOC) is a software metric used to measure the size of a software program by counting the number of lines in the text of the program's source code. SLOC is typically used to predict the amount of effort that will be required to develop a program, as well as to estimate programming productivity or effort once the software is produced.see:

Is McAfee virus protection a computer hardware?

No, McAfee virus protection is not hardware. Instead, it is a software program. Hardware is the physical parts of a computer, but software is computer code. So an antivirus program is software, not hardware.

How do you find bugs in a computer program?

Typically, you run the program through "debuggers" - software that specifically looks for errors in your code.

How can you make your song into a HTML code?

There is no software, program, or pattern that transforms songs into HTML.

What is software. What are its types and examples?

Software is a collection of programs or pieces of program code put together is one set.. Their types are 1.system software 2.application software

How do you extract the java source code of a java based open source software?

If the software is open source then generally they will provide the code in a separate link. I don't think it is possible to reverse-engineer the code of a program.

What's the difference between a software developer engineer architect and a programmer?

A software developer engineer architect designs the software they tell the programmer what they want the software to do and the programmer writes the program in computer language (which is done in binery code) so the computer knows how to handle the software program.

What does executable program in the software hierarchy do?

This is the machine code program file that can be loaded and executed by the computer. It will make the computer do whatever the program was designed to do, if it was written correctly.

What is reverse engineering in software?

Reverse engineering is the process of generating the source-code of a program from the compiled binary object code which it runs from.

What is the software that translates the entire program into machine code in one go?

Compiler translator translates entire programe into machine code.

Is Microsoft Office is a Proprietary software?

Yes it is. It is owned by Microsoft and they do not give access to the source code for the program, unlike open source software programs.

Is Google Chrome a software program?

A software program is simply a program that is installed or running on a current computer. So yes, Google Chrome is a software program.