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Is sonee clip picture real?

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No, the girl in the picture is a CGI drawing by Robert Chang titled "Princess Ruu." The story behind the picture about the girl committing suicide is, therefore, fake. The "changes" in the picture that you might see are from your eyes tiring and/or you anticipating something that isn't going to happen.

The picture is just a painting, though I admit she looks almost like Amanda Bynes. The video on YouTube that shows you with her eyes looking down, someone with a picture software changed it.

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Did sonee clip picture kill enyone?

No, the girl in the picture is a CGI drawing by Robert Chang titled "Princess Ruu." The story behind the picture about the girl committing suicide is, therefore, fake. There have been no reported suicides that have been linked to this picture.

Why sonee picture is true?

the internet video slowly changes the picture as part of a mind melding tactic

What is sonee?

Sonee is the name of a video on YouTube about some fake illusion stuff that the girl in the picture moves....it's actually just a beautiful drawing by Robert Chang

How do you insert a clip art?

I think its, insert, picture, clip art:)

How can you make a video clip your default picture for MySpace?

You can't, MySpace doesn't allow videos to be your "Default Picture". The closest thing to a video clip is a GIF picture, which can be animated.

What do you drag to enlarge a clip art picture?

sizing handles on the edge of a picture

Is sonee painting real?

No, its really a painting made by Robert Chang. He named it "Princess Ruu" in a Sci-Fi movie or season. But, someone used Photoshop or another picture program just to scare you. And if you stare at it, it might make your eyes tired. So, there really faking that its a Urban Legend.

What is it called when you add clip art to a document?

just got to picture and got to clip art

What is the difference between clip art and picture?

Clip art are generally animated icons or phrases used for entertainment in a project. A picture is usually not animated and is used for more serious matters.

Where can you find Play-Doh clip art?

On the insert bar click on it. There is clip art on there. clip on it. you can either type in what you want or noises. there is no picture for it. just click on it.

A picture of volume around a square?

this website does not have it.go to clip art.com

How do you replace the spring clip on the headlight?

You have Hyundai redesign the dang thing. What a hassle this spring clip is. A picture would be great cause when I got my big hands in there the clip went flying.

Is the twitpic of Hayley Williams real?

Yes, it is a real picture of her. Hayley said that she was hacked, but she has never denied that the picture is real.

How do you access clip art on open office 3.1 writer?

Once you've opened or created a document... click on Insert, and select Picture - then choose From File, and browse your computer for the picture or clip-art you want to insert.

Is there a picture of Columbus and mendez in 1504?

no there is no real picture of him.

How do you use green screen and picture in picture in IMovie ... At the same time?

ID3155998802: It's simple open imovie then on the top there is a bar click on imovie there and on preferences then click show advanced settings. When you drag a clip in the middle of an other clip it will show you advanced tools including picture in picture and green screen. If you want to use a green screen first drag the background you want to have on to the project either a clip or image then your clip with the green screen on top of it it will show what you can do then just click on green screen and that's it. And for picture in picture just drag it on top of a clip in the project and click on picture in picture you can then adjust the size and position. That's everything hope you understand it and will make good use of it! Hockey23005: Okay, 2 things. First of all I don't know how to reply to your answer (if you know how to please tell me) and that is why I am "Improving" your answer 2nd, I know how to do both, but how do you do them on the same video clip? P.S. I am new to both video editing and answers.com

Does OpenOffice have clip art?

It doesn't have clip-art built in. However it does have the capability of inserting pictures etc into documents. To insert a picture or drawing - click Insert then select Picture - select 'from file'. Locate the picture on your computer and click it. The picture will be inserted into the document at the place where the cursor is. You can re-size the picture using the taps at the edges and corners. Remember to save the document when you're happy with it !

What is the real clip of eminem-kim song?

they dont have a official clip of it they have pic of diffrent videos and just pic

Can you see a picture of a mermaid?

You can see a picture of a mermaid, but they aren't real. You will get drawings by an artist or a picture taken that someone has made with a person in costume to look like a mermaid. Mermaids are not real so a picture of a real mermaid will never happen.

What are the advantages of a camera over clip art?

A camera will take real time photos making it look real vs. a graphic/artistic image. Downside is that usually a real photo will weigh more than a graphic clip art.

Where is a real picture of Thor's Hammer?

There is none, because it does not exist. That is like asking to see a real picture of Poseidon's trident.

How do you put clip art into open office?

You can import clip-art from external sources, by using the Insert tab at the top of a document, selecting Picture - and browsing your computer for the image.

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