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You should never feed your baby soy milk. It is not the same as infant formula or breastmilk. It will not supply the same nutrients and calories to your baby, and your baby could become severely malnourished if fed soy milk.

However, infant formula made from soy is perfectly acceptable as long as your baby is not allergic or sensitive to soy. It is not as healthful as breastmilk, but it will suffice.

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For the first couple of weeks your puppy should drink it mothers milk then liquid or mashed puppy food. So yes you can feed a 10 week old puppy regular baby formula.

No,wait till they're about 6 weeks old.That is when I started to feed my puppy regular food and water and she too,was not on mother's milk.

Mothers' milk and only mother's milk. Regular milk is unhealthy, dairy products are bad for dogs.regulur milk makes them gain weite

yes i think so but most likely it needs to its mothers milk though

sometimes milk upsets a baby's tummy. i found that giving it a mixture of formula, water, and goats milk helps settle their stomach

the 8 week old kitten is still in need of it's mother's milk so if you go to a vet they'll give you a powder or some type of ingredient that you put in regular milk that makes it like the mothers milk(dr@gongirl11)

no you can give a 6 week old puppy dogfood though but i reccomend getting one from the pound

A human infant? No, they do not have the proper enzymes to digest anything other than mother's milk/special formula

Puppies should be weened by 8 weeks. Regular cow milk should not be given to puppies or dogs, because it can cause diarrhea.

NO MILK! If a puppy that young isn't being fed by its mother for any reason, the vet can prescribe a special formula for bottle feeding.

There is puppy formula that you can buy and give them or you can give them goats milk. Goat milk is the best thing that you can give most animal babies as it is high in all the things that is needed. Do not give cow milk.

Cow milk is not good for puppies. They can digest goat milk. However, the best option is puppy formula that you can buy in tin cans from most local supermarkets.

No absolutely not. Go to the pet store and buy milk replacer for puppies. It is just like human baby formula, made for their sensitive stomachs.

Ricotta cannoli filling will generally last about a week in the refrigerator. The filling should be kept in an airtight container to maintain optimal freshness.

You can find kitten replacement formula at any feed store that is made for kittens. This works well for raccoons.

Yes, but only if it is not drinking mommas milk and wont eat regular dog food. Thanks ERIC

Please follow the label on the milk replacer you purchased. You will need to use the guidelines on the milk replacer formula label to determine how much is needed per unit of body weight of your calves.

Yes, it is safe to feed a 5 week old puppy evaporated milk. It is thick enough to mimic the mother's natural milk.

That milk has been pasteurized so the spoilage bacteria and pathogens have been reduced, thereby extending the refrigerated shelf life.

We assume that you really mean cow milk that you buy at the grocery store as opposed to actual human milk.Puppies should NOT be given pasteurized cow milk. Use a puppy milk replacement formula (such as Esbilac, or Just Born).Dog milk is 8.3% fat, 9.5% protein, and 3.7% lactose. Cow milk varies depending on the breed, but is generally around 4% fat, 3.5% protein, and 5% lactose, so it's a bit too sweet and not "rich" enough for dogs. Human milk is 4.5% fat, 1.1% protein, and 6.8% lactose... way too sweet and almost no protein in comparison.

three glasses of milk or water were givin to the solders per week

If it is done correctly you should not get a filling. If there is infection in the cavity and it is not removed then there is a good chance you'll have an absess. You may have to take antibiotics the week prior to getting the filling. It just depends on your situation.

Milk comes closer to the end, a few weeks before labor, your breasts will produce milk.

I am not 100 percent on this but I know my grandmother, before the invention of formula.. Had to feed her babies carnation mixture because she couldn't breast feed...but they do make dog formula that is good for infant puppies

Yes actually Goat Milk is a very good formula to use on a puppy, I have a preemie Boston terrier puppy that had problems with other formulas and had ( under the advice of my vet) to be place on goat milk, now he is doing much better, and his bowels have straightened out.