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Is spanking legal in Texas?


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Abuse does not include reasonable discipline by a parent/guardian/managing or possessory conservator if child not exposed to substantial risk of harm. Family Code Sec. 261.001. [Civil Code] Parent/stepparent/person standing in loco parentis to child is justified to use non-deadly force against a child under 18 when and to degree the actor reasonably believes necessary to discipline, or safeguard or promote child's welfare. Penal Sec. 9.61. [Criminal Code]

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It is legal in every state!

It depends on where you live. it also depends on how serious the spanking is physically and mentally.

Spanking of children is legal in NY State and most others. However, spanking that leaves a mark may be considered excessive and would not be considered legal. You should know that there are more effective ways of disciplining a child that do not include corporal punishment (spanking). Check out 10 Reasons Not to Hit Your Child at LINK.

no it is not legal because spanking your children is wrong and it hurts too

"Spanking" a child isn't considered Corporal any State of the Union, a Parent has the right to discipline their child by Spanking them, this however, does not include abusive behavior.

No, it is not legal for a step father to hit his son. If you are spanking your son, then this is allowed, but to abusively hitting him, it is not legal.

If we are talking about spanking etc no it is not legal to spank so hard you leave marks.

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Yes, it is legal. Watch out though. Anything other then open hand on the buttucks that leaves no marks can get you in trouble.

Spanking by parents is legal in every state. It is the most effective form of child discipline. It is an effective and appropriate punishment for younger children and teenagers alike.

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yes spanking does hurt but the brain knows now not to do it again

Spanking is legal in all of the United States as long as it does not cause injury. That being said, spanking may not be the best form of punishment.

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yes it is dont do itA different view:Yes, I believe it is legal. Just keep in mind that a spanking and a beating are not the same thing. A spanking should never cause actual pain, nor should it leave any marks or bruises on the skin. A spanking should be used with much discretion, and as a last resort.Also, spankings should never be done in a moment of anger, which can lead to it turning into a beating. Spankings should be used as a form of teaching a child right from wrong, not as revenge just because you are angry at the child.

Yep. The only firearms not legal in Texas are the ones that are banned by federal law. If it's legal in any other state, it's legal in Texas.

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Spanking your children is legal in all 50 states. BUT in 29 states it is illegal for teachers/principals to spank your kids.

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It is not legal for a teacher to hit a student, just as it is not legal for a student to hit a teacher. Doing so would be assult in most areas. Policies on spanking, which is not considered the same as randomly hitting a student and almost always has to be witnessed or done by the principal, vary. In many areas, spanking is no longer done.

* It depends what the spanking laws are in your State, but no boyfriend should be spanking your child. You both should decide on discipline according to the State Law and agree to back each other on any decisions of punishment. If spanking laws are legal in your State then you should try other methods of punishment first and if spanking is necessary then you should do it and NOT your boyfriend!

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