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Abuse does not include reasonable discipline by a parent/guardian/managing or possessory conservator if child not exposed to substantial risk of harm. Family Code Sec. 261.001. [Civil Code] Parent/stepparent/person standing in loco parentis to child is justified to use non-deadly force against a child under 18 when and to degree the actor reasonably believes necessary to discipline, or safeguard or promote child's welfare. Penal Sec. 9.61. [Criminal Code]

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Q: Is spanking legal in Texas
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What states is spanking legal?

It is legal in every state!

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Is spanking a kid legal?

It depends on where you live. it also depends on how serious the spanking is physically and mentally.

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no it is not legal because spanking your children is wrong and it hurts too

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Spanking of children is legal in NY State and most others. However, spanking that leaves a mark may be considered excessive and would not be considered legal. You should know that there are more effective ways of disciplining a child that do not include corporal punishment (spanking). Check out 10 Reasons Not to Hit Your Child at LINK.

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"Spanking" a child isn't considered Corporal any State of the Union, a Parent has the right to discipline their child by Spanking them, this however, does not include abusive behavior.

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No, it is not legal for a step father to hit his son. If you are spanking your son, then this is allowed, but to abusively hitting him, it is not legal.

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If we are talking about spanking etc no it is not legal to spank so hard you leave marks.

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Spanking by parents is legal in every state. It is the most effective form of child discipline. It is an effective and appropriate punishment for younger children and teenagers alike.

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yes spanking does hurt but the brain knows now not to do it again

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Spanking is legal in all of the United States as long as it does not cause injury. That being said, spanking may not be the best form of punishment.

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