Is spinach plant a herb?


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no, spinach is a vegetable.

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Spinach is an edible flowering plant.

Neither one. It is a vegetable.

No, spinach is a vegetable.

No, spinach is an herb.

Spinach is a plant with many cells.

Spinach is a long day plant

spinach is a plant, but we eat the leaves mainly

A green gram plant comes in herb category

Spinach is a plant. So they do have chloroplasts

Spinach belongs to the vascular plant phylum, and the amaranth family of flowering plants.

The wheat plant is a grass, not a shrub. It is not an herb because an herb is a plant that is valued for flavor, scent, medicinal or other qualities that wheat does not have.

Mint plant is a herb. It belongs to the family Lamiaceae. Menthol is obtained from this plant.

From the leaves of the plant. Most of the spinach plant can be used but most people pick and eat just the leaves.

tomato is absolutly not a herb .It is a shurb

You grow it from a plant, and it's an easily identified plant and it's a common herb

Mustard plants are considered a garden plant and would be classified as an herb.

Spinach plant's male part is stamen in the flower. Spinach has bisexual flowers.

Spinach is a leaf vegetable (a flowering plant) and grows on the ground.

Spinach grows from seeds. The part of the plant you eat is the leaves. When the plant flowers the flowers produce seeds to plant and start new plants.

It is a plant, but I have not seen anything of it being used as an herb.

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