Spinach is a dark leafy green vegetable. It is high in both calcium and iron.

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Does cooked spinach go bad when left out overnight?

It can. Cooked spinach that has been left out overnight should not be used. It should be treated as any other potentially hazardous food and should be discarded. It does not mean that eating it will guarantee illness. Using it just isn't worth the risk.


How do you keep spinach fresh?

I have found the best way to keep spinach fresh is to treat it like flowers. I put in a jug of fresh water which I change daily. You can keep it either in the refrigerator or away from direct sunlight on the kitchen bench. With that said I still try to use it as quickly as possible


What is gammon and spinach?

For the British, gammon means smoked or cured ham. Hence, gammon and spinach means ham and spinach to those using English as spoken in Britain.


Can you eat spinach pie when pregnant?

Absolutely! Spinach is very healthy for you pregnant or not.

Soups and Stews

Does chicken soup taste good with spinach in it?

It sure does! Ever hear of Italian Wedding soup? I make something just like that. I make chicken soup, add a handful or two of spinach and I make tiny meatballs and after I bake them in the oven, I add them to the soup. It is wonderful! You can also use escarole insted of spinach. Hope this helps You'll never know until you try. Yes, if you like spinach. But spinach tastes bitter when over-cooked so add right before serving. A hot pot of soup will cook spinach in about 30 seconds to 2 min. I love spinach and I put it in all my soups, but I usually just add it to my bowl because most of the people I know are not all that fond of this delicious food.

Greens can add a nice texture to your soup as well as glam up the presentation. There's always the option of leaving the spinach on the side and allowing guests to add it as a garnish.. as long as the soup is served very hot (preferably in a soup tureen and then ladled into individual bowls so that guests have the opportunity to place the spinach in the bottom and pour the hot soup over top thus wilting the greens). Experiment with other greens too such as arugula which will impart a stronger flavor or turnip greens for a southern feel.

Green beans are another great addition to chicken soup if you are looking to add a nice "green veggie" to your comfort food. You can use canned or fresh. If you are using fresh green beans you will want to add them closer to the beginning of your soup so they have time to cook and soften (personally I like using fresh the best because they are inexpensive when in season and if you don't add them too early they stay nice and al dente and fresh tasting). If using canned green beans try to go for ones that say "no salt added" this way you can control how much salt goes into your soup when you season it yourself later.

  • Don't use canned spinach!

What vitamin does spinach have?

Spinach contains Vitamins A, B2, B6, C, E, K, plus a ton of minerals.


How much frozen spinach can you substitute for fresh?

Approximately 10 ounces of frozen, cooked spinach will result in the same amount as one pound of fresh, trimmed and cooked spinach.

Cooking Times and Temperatures

What temperature should you cook spinach and ricotta puff pastries?

8 degrees give u nice and alot of taste


Where can you find a recipe for spicy spinach and artichoke dip?

AllAbout Food.com you can search for the receipe . also go to any of the sauce or dips manafacturers like lipton or Knorr and they'll have the receipes! Good Luck!

Botany or Plant Biology

Where do chenopods grow?

On all of the continents except Antarctica is where Chenopods [Chenopodium spp] can grow. Their common name is goosefoot. They include among their members beets [Beta vulgaris] and spinach [Spinacia oleracea].


What vitamins does spinach have?

Spinach provides Vitamins A (from beta carotene), B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), C, E, K, and folic acid.

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When put in water why does lettuce or spinach become firm and crisp?

The firmness or crispiness is caused by the plant cells being turgid, or full of water. Putting vegetables in water helps keep the cells full of water.


Can pregnant women eat spinach?

pregnant women can and should eat spinach!!! it is extremely high in folic acid... most women end up taking a supplement for it because there is not enough in their diets.


What does spinach mean in Telugu?

Spinach means Palakoora.



How many grams in 10 ounces of frozen spinach?

little less than 300 grams


What diseases or medical problems can be prevented by eating spinach?

Spinach is an excellent vegetable. While it doesn't directly cure or prevent anymore than any other nutritious vegetable, it is high in nutrients that can prevent certain conditions. It's high in folic acid, which prevents spinal bifidia in developing fetuses. Also, folic acid has been showed to reduce the rate of cognitive decline in elderly people. It's a very good source of iron, which prevents anemia. It's very high in antioxidants (the highest of any vegetable, I believe). And, as a part of a healthy diet with a variety of fruits,vegetables, and whole grains, it can reduce the risk of cancers, heart disease, stroke and many others. While no one vegetable can take the place of all others, spinach certainly can be consumed often as a component in a healthy diet.


How much protein is in spinach?

Spinach contains approximately 2.86 grams of protein per 100 grams of raw spinach.


Can you eat spinach and leafy greens at night?

s we can in little amounts.In olden days people said not to eat greens during night time because while plucking them during night times due to lack of power we can even capture insects which are poisonous while plucking leaves .This may lead to indigestion problems .


Can you eat spinach dip while pregnant?

I see no problem with that.


How do you freeze fresh spinach?

In order to freeze fresh spinach, and have a good product upon thawing, it must first be cooked and cooled quickly. This process is called blanching. You bring your pot of water (or stock) to a boil, add the spinach, and JUST as it turns BRIGHT green, you can either dip it out or strain it through a colander. Upon removing it from the boiling water/stock, transfer it into a bowl or sink of ice water. This is called shocking it. The ice water prevents the spinach from carry-over cooking (continuing to cook once taken off of the heat source). Once cooled, drain the spinach again, then place in freezer-safe bags or containers, tightly sealed, and freeze. The spinach will last, frozen, for up to a year without compromising the flavor.


Does spinach make your butt bigger?

No, spinach has no special ability to make your butt bigger.


Calorie Count

How many calories are in spinach?

Calories in spinach


  • 6-7 calories in each ounce or 28g of boiled or steamed spinach
  • 24 calories in 3 and a half, or 100g, of boiled or steamed spinach
  • 42 calories in a 6 oz or 170g medium portion of boiled or steamed spinach
  • 56 calories in 8 oz or 227g of boiled or steamed spinach
  • 112 calories in 1 pound or 454g of boiled or steamed spinach
  • 41 calories in 1 cup of boiled or steamed spinach (6.3 oz or 178g)
  • 21 calories in 1/2 a cup of boiled or steamed spinach
  • 7.1 calories in each ounce or 28g of raw spinach
  • 25 calories in 3 and a half ounces, or 100g, of raw spinach
  • 50 calories in a 7 oz or 200g packet of raw spinach
  • 57 calories in 8 oz or 227g of raw spinach
  • 71 calories in 10 oz or 284 of raw spinach
  • 85 calories in 12 oz or 340g of raw spinach.

For free Calories in Vegetable Chart, to use as a daily guide for weight loss or weight maintenance, or for the calorie count of other vegetables, use the page link given below.

Calories in Vegetables Chart

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How long can you keep spinach at room temp?

Only for about a week or so. After that, it gets watery and loose.


What does spinach have in it?



Does spinach have calcium?

yes 30 mg


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