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There is actually no insurance called 'SR22' insurance. The SR22 is simply a form stating that you have obtained certain required insurance coverage, and these requirements vary depending on the situation.

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Q: Is sr22 insurance required for drivers in the UK?
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Where can one compare car insurance quotes for young drivers in the UK?

You can compare car insurance quotes for young drivers in the UK on the internet. Good websites to do this are Moneysupermarket, Uswitch, 4YoungDrivers and 2pass. You can also consult your local insurance company for information.

What can happen to a person who drives without insurance in UK?

they become taxi drivers

Are you required by law to have business insurance?

In the UK there are several types of insurance that are mandatory when running a business

Can you own a car and not have a drivers license?

Yes in the UK but you must have usual insurance cover etc.

How can one get equipment insurance in the UK?

One can get equipment insurance in the UK by having the important papers required for it and then by visiting insurers like SimplyBusiness, Allianz and Macmillan.

What is short term insurance and how would it affect your credit?

Short term car insurance for UK drivers from the AA. Get temporary cover for additional drivers of your vehicle without putting the no-claims discount.

What are some car insurance companies that offer discounts for young drivers?

Statefarm offer discounts for young drivers and students. In the UK one can find cheap car insurance for young drivers from Endsleigh. They offer savings of up to 23%.

49 cc or under on UK roads is car insurance necessary?

You are required by law to have insurance when operating anything classed a mechanically-propelled vehicle on UK roads.

Which Make of motorcycles does not require you to have insurance on a new bike that was refinanced?

In UK every motorcycle used on the road is required to have insurance.

Which UK financial institutions offer supplemental dental insurance?

Supplemental dental insurance is required by United Kingdom law to be available through all dental insurance providers. Denplan and other UK providers will all include supplemental insurance as part of their packages.

Where can an Australian get car insurance in the UK?

An Australian in the UK can get car insurance from the same insurers where UK residents get their insurance from.

Which companies offer special discounts on car insurance for drivers over the age of 50?

Many insurance companies in the UK will offer special discounts on car insurance for drivers over the age of 50, these include Saga, Endsleigh and Age UK, the latter of which is recommended by Which. One could also use a price comparison website wherever one is internationally to check for such deals.

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