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Supplemental dental insurance is required by United Kingdom law to be available through all dental insurance providers. Denplan and other UK providers will all include supplemental insurance as part of their packages.

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2013-05-29 08:53:19
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Q: Which UK financial institutions offer supplemental dental insurance?
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How do I find supplemental dental insurance?

You can find supplemental dental insurance. You can find quotes for this insurance at or or

Where can I get quotes for supplemental dental insurance?

I would suggest which lists Supplemental Dental Insurance providers and many of the providers listed can provide you with a proper quote.

Supplemental Dental Insurance Saves Money On Dental Visits?

Supplemental dental insurance, also known as a discount dental plan, is an inexpensive way of paying less money for dental visits, including routine dental check-ups, x-rays, fillings and teeth cleaning appointments. A visit to the dentist can cost a great deal of money for patients who do not have supplemental dental insurance plans. The cost of a supplemental dental insurance plan is extremely affordable, and the dental patient receives deep discounts for many dental procedures. Some dental plans even include discounts on periodontal surgeries. The National Association of Dental Plans has a list of companies offering supplemental dental insurance plans.

How to purchase additional dental insurance?

There are some companies that can be used at a supplemental coverage. Search Google for "Dental Plans"

Who offers the best supplemental dental insurance for my family?

Aetna and Humana are two trusted names in insurance that offer supplemental dental plans. These plans can start at under $10 a month and they augment the coverage your employer may offer. Humana dental offers great deals on dental insurance for the family. You can also find a list of other companies such as Delta Dental by visiting

Is their a supplement dental insurance in the state of wash?

Washington Dental Insurance is a supplemental dental program and insurance. This allows people that need it, who can't afford it, to get dental help and assistance.

I will be paying over 7000 for dental work with insurance Can I get supplemental insurance to help cost?

Contact your state health office for help

I need dental coverage for my wife and kids, I am on medicare myself but I want to pay for a plan for them full dental coverage what plan do I need?

You have to get supplemental dental insurance plan. For that, you have to contact the local dental insurance broker. You could also consider a discount dental plan. Great alternative if insurance doesn't work out for you. Covers the entire household. For more info, check out

What type of services does the company SunLife Financial provide?

SunLife Financial provides to its client financial advises, planning of investment, retirement options services, investment option structuring, medical insurance with focus on dental insurance, life insurance and insurance in case of disability. SunLife Financial is based in Toronto, Canada.

Where can you get dental care insurance?

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) is the national association representing nearly 1,300 member companies proving health insurance coverage to more than 200 million Americans. Our member companies offer medical insurance, long-term care insurance, disability income insurance, dental insurance, supplemental insurance, stop-loss insurance and reinsurance to consumers, employers and public purchasers.

What does Amerigroup health insurance cover?

"Your coverage if you have Amerigroup health insurance will determine exactly what treatments and procedures you are eligible for. They also have supplemental plans that cover what your current health provider does not, including dental and health education."

Does any dental insurance cover braces?

That depends on the coverage of your insurance, but there are insurance companies who definitely allow dental braces coverage. However, it is still best to double check with your provider about the terms that goes along with dental braces coverage. For instance, most health plans only covers orthodontic treatments (partially) for minors or children under 18. If you're planning to get a dental braces, but your health plan doesn't include orthodontic coverage (e.g. teeth whitening, dental braces, amalgams) then what you can do is to buy supplemental orthodontic insurance.

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