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Star Health Insurance is a reliable insurance company because they cover all your needs. They also compete with other companies to keep your rates low.

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2011-10-31 17:15:44
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Q: Is star health insurance a reliable insurance company?
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Where can one purchase Star health insurance?

Star Health insurance appears to be an insurance company located exclusively in India. If you live in India, you can call them by viewing their website and using the relevant information.

What kind of plans does Star Health Insurance offer?

Star health insurance offers many kinds of plans and insurance depending on what you want insurance on. They offer life insurance and travel insurance to name a few.

Are there any companies in Illinois that do individual health insurance?

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Alliance Medical Plans and Celtic Insurance Company offer individual and family health insurance plans. These companies have obtained at least a four star rating by the state of Illinois.

What services do Star Health provide?

Star Health provides health care and health insurance to those that need it. Star Health offers competitive rates and prices from singles to families.

Is in many other countries health insurance is considered as a part of life insurance?

In India, LIC of India sells health policy viz., Jeevan Arogya. But technically, health insurance policy comes within the purview of general insurance. Star Health & Allied Insurance Co.Ltd. in the general insurance sectors sells only Health insurance polcies.

What types of coverage does Star Health Insurance offer?

"Star Health Insurance offers coverage in outpatient care, emergency room assistance, hospitalization, pharmaceutical care, and coverage with your primary care provider."

Where is an office of Star Health Insurance?

There are 218 Star Health Inurance offices. They are all located in India. You can go to their website to find an office close to you.

What are some features of Star Health insurance?

No medical test is required to sign up for Star Health insurance. They have a variety of products to address different individual needs. In addition, Star Health will cover many pre-existing conditions after 11 months. They will also cover individuals with HIV.

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Insurance Options Provided by the Star Insurance Company?

One of the most frequently overlooked aspects of financial security is having being properly insured. Depending on their lifestyle and type of employment, many people carry multiple insurance policies at all stages of their lives. For those looking to get a new insurance policy, the Star Insurance Company is a great place to start their search. The Star Insurance Company offers a wide range of insurance options to consumers, homeowners, and business owners. One insurance need which could be met by The Star Insurance Company are your life insurance needs. Having life insurance is extremely important as it will cover your family's needs in the event that you pass away. The proceeds from a life insurance policy could be used to cover funeral expenses, pay off a mortgage, or fund a child's college education. The Star Insurance Company offers a wide range of life insurance options which include whole life policies and term life policies. The term lengths and policy amounts are extremely flexible and can be used to meet anyone's needs. The Star Insurance Company can also provide you with a homeowner's insurance policy. Homeowner's insurance is often a requirement of mortgage lenders and associations in which you live in and it covers you in the event that your home is vandalized, damaged by a fire or natural disaster, and if covers personal items which are robbed or stolen. The Star Insurance Company could also provide you with ancillary policies, such as earthquake or flood insurance, which may not be covered under a standard policy. If you own a business you could also benefit by getting a policy from the Star Insurance Company. The Star Insurance Company offers a business owner's insurance policy which could provide you with property insurance on the building your business owns, business interruption insurance which will provide you with a stream of income if your business has to temporarily shut down, or liability insurance in the event that you or one of your employees is injured while at work.

Which company in Chicago offers motorcycle insurance?

In Chicago these companies offer Motorcycle insurance: Urban Insurance Agency, All Star Chicago Insurance Agency, State Farm, United Auto Insurance, and many more.

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