What kind of plans does Star Health Insurance offer?


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Star health insurance offers many kinds of plans and insurance depending on what you want insurance on. They offer life insurance and Travel Insurance to name a few.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Alliance Medical Plans and Celtic Insurance Company offer individual and family health insurance plans. These companies have obtained at least a four star rating by the state of Illinois.

"Star Health Insurance offers coverage in outpatient care, emergency room assistance, hospitalization, pharmaceutical care, and coverage with your primary care provider."

Star Health Insurance is a reliable insurance company because they cover all your needs. They also compete with other companies to keep your rates low.

Star Health provides health care and health insurance to those that need it. Star Health offers competitive rates and prices from singles to families.

Star Health insurance appears to be an insurance company located exclusively in India. If you live in India, you can call them by viewing their website and using the relevant information.

In India, LIC of India sells health policy viz., Jeevan Arogya. But technically, health insurance policy comes within the purview of general insurance. Star Health & Allied Insurance Co.Ltd. in the general insurance sectors sells only Health insurance polcies.

There are 218 Star Health Inurance offices. They are all located in India. You can go to their website to find an office close to you.

No medical test is required to sign up for Star Health insurance. They have a variety of products to address different individual needs. In addition, Star Health will cover many pre-existing conditions after 11 months. They will also cover individuals with HIV.

There are many good medical insurance companies in the United States, such as, Blue Shield/Blue Cross, Aetna, Celtic and Health America. Medical Mutual has a high 5 star rating from the US News. It boasts of 42 plans and has been listed as one of the best health insurance companies.

In Chicago these companies offer Motorcycle insurance: Urban Insurance Agency, All Star Chicago Insurance Agency, State Farm, United Auto Insurance, and many more.

Star's rates are pretty much equal to other plans out there. However, it's not an HMO which is a huge plus. You can keep your current doctors and specialists instead of having to search through a list of approved providers.

Eagle Star Insurance was created in 1904.

Eagle Star Insurance ended in 1984.

"Affordable" and "Health insurance" do not go together any more. Your only option would be to get group insurance through an employer. In India, person aged upto 73 years can opt for 'Senior Citizens Red Carpet' Health Policy upto Rs.5.0 lacs without any medical check up, offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance Co.Ltd.

GTFS is not only a Corporate Agent of Life Insurance Corporation of India but also combine with BAJAJ Allianz, Reliance Life Insurance, MAX NewYork Life Insurance, STAR Health Insurance, Reliance General Insurance & Future Generali India.

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GTFS is a Corporate Agent of Life Insurance Corporation of India, BAJAJ Allianz, Reliance Life Insurance, MAX NewYork Life Insurance, kotak Mahindra Life Insurance, STAR Health Insurance, Reliance General Insurance & Future Generali India.

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In my opinion, Life Insurance Corporation of India's "JEEVAN AROGYA" is the best health insurance policy at the moment in India, for its low premia and mammoth coverage. After that, I will vouch for Star Health & Allied Insurance Co's (the only Company for Health Insurance in India) various policies. Specially, Senior Citizen's Red Carpet Policy is unique because the persons within the age bracket of 60-74 years can opt for this policy without any medical test, provided they are having no pre existing disease record.As they are having no TPA in between, hospitalization and claim settlement are done in a faster manner.

The various health insurance policies offered by Star Health & Allied Insurance Limited (with head quarter at Chennai) are in a nut shell unique. These policies have been best suited for peoples of all age groups. The Company is exclusively doing health insurance business for which it is registered with Insurance Regulatory Development Authority. Since there is no Third Party Administrator in between, work is expedited here as all matters relating to hospitalization to claim settlement are done under the same roof. When other Insurance Companies are hesitant in offering policy for people of 60 years of age and above, Star has an unique policy viz., "Senior Citizens Red Carpet Policy" where people from the age group of 60 to 74 years can be given health coverage without medical check up provided they have no pre existing disease record. Further there are portability facilities. In the 'Family Health Optima Policy, if the sum insured is exhausted within the policy period, the policy holder will be provided with full sum insured without payment of any premium.

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