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Is string theory the physics equivalent of The God That Failed as some people used to say about communist ideology?



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This doesn't sound like a question you thought up yourself. Parallels between political theory and cosmological theory?.....hmmmm...? But let's be clear: There is nothing wrong with communism that a big-enough computer or a brilliant politician couldn't cure. Whereas string theory may or may not stand the test of time. Science in general and physics in particular does not have an investment in a thing being true or not. If it turns out that string theory goes no place and is supplanted by other theories that are more cogent and useful, then that's that. Non-scientists think that a refutation of a theory is a disaster. Scientists view it as a major triumph since more is revealed. Science is simply the best we can do in seeking truth. It is not some construct supported by authorities and offices. String theory talks about dimensions, black holes, anti-material and strings. We know today that a black hole only appears when a huge star exploids or when you let two bunch of protons clash to each other (hard enough). So this cannot be from before the big bang. So this does not proof that there can come from nothing... something. dimensions are the results of black holes (or the product of a black hole), so this is also talking about after the Big Bang. anti-material is not proofen and it is said that it only appears when material vanishes, so it is a opposite of material(viseable for the eye) and so it cannot be nothing, it is something. yet anather thing that talks about after Big Bang. strings are formed in black holes . so this is also talking about after Big bang. Scientist say that they do not know what was before Big bang or they say There was nothing before Big bang (so big bang is a theory that says: "from nothing comes something (explosion) and so came the universe as we know today). But We say, before big bang there was God, and he caused the big bang or lets say creation of everything.