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Is sun bad for your hair?


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i used sun-in over the summer around the whole month of June like at least 3 times a week when i would layout by my poool to tan. i did this also half way into July as well. while i was using it in that time fame my hair was a very pretty light blond but the color would dull or fade ugly so i would keep using it. butttttttt..................... i had to quit using it because...............

my hair is now breaking off VERY VERY BADLD... i used to have long thick dark blond hair naturally and now im left with a dirty yellow VERY THIN Hair that i cant die back because my hair lady says ill loose all my hair.

everyday in the shower im pulling out more and more hair. it started in July and its now october and im still loosing ALOT of hair and i have hardly any left. no product seems to fix this problem.

its awfull don't used this product you will regret it very much