Is surname gawde lowe cast?

No ... Not at all..
Gawde is a Marathi surname, It is spelled as 'गावडे' in Marathi and some people spell as Gawade or Gavade or Gavde in English. This surname is common in the state of Maharashtra in India. Spoken language is 'Marathi'. Language differs or changes area or region wise. Specifically in the District of Sindhudurg at Malvan Spoken language is 'Malvani' or ' Konkani'.
Gawade is one of the surnames of the 96 kuli marathas. Kul is Dhampal.
Gawade surname is from Somvansh. Hindu(Kshatriya).
Kuldaivat is Jyotiba.
Guru is Atri saint.
Devak is Kalamb (Kalam),
Mantra is Gayatri Mahamantra.
Gotra is Dhampal (Sub of Kashyap) and Ved is Yajurved.