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No. Neither does sweating and ecretiion through the kidneys have the same function in the body. The formation of urine in the kidneys is necessary to rid the body of toxic waste. Most of this nitrogenous waste is converted by the kidneys into a chemical called urea which is removed during urination. Other substances are also excreted, but urea makes up the bulk of the dissolved substances in urine. Sweating, however, serves a different function. Whilst some toxic waste can be lost through sweating, this is minor compared with that lost by urination. The main function of sweating is to cool the skin and hence the body as it evaporates. If you dip a finger in a liquid like nail varnish remover, that evaporates quickly, when you remove it you will feel your finger getting cold as the nail varnish remover absorbs energy from your finger to be able to evaporate. Sweat on the skin's surface does the same thing. As you sweat, it absorbs heat from the skin as it evaporates, and cools the skin. This in turn cools the blood passing through the skin, which in turn cools the body during hot weather. You can see the effect of this when you go swimming. When in the water, even on a warm day, you will feel warm. But when you get out of the water, the water on the skin's surface begins to evaporate and you usually feel colder than when in the water. Some animals, like dogs, do not sweat. Instead they have to remove excess heat from the body by panting.

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Q: Is sweat and urine the same thing?
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When you sweat is it your pee?

No, it is not urine. However, both sweat and urine contain many of the same elements, including water and urea.

Why is it important to take a shower?

It is neccisary to take a shower because you sweat, and atract germs. In you're sweat there is a chemical that is called urine wich is the main thing in urine (hence the same name). You will get infections (expesially in the ganital areas) and you will get many pimples. Not only on your face but EVERYWHERE because your sweat glands will get clogged and swell from the oil on your skin.

Is there urine in sweat?

Yeah, urine is sweat. So, dont be afraid, its fine. We all sweat and we all urine. Its natural.

Are sweat and clear Gatorade the same thing?


Do sweat and urine have the same chemical properties?

No, urine is used to excrete nitrogen and therefore contains urea (or uric acid for birds) as a major component. Sweat doesn't serve this purpose and contains no urea.

Do you sweat urine?

not exactly but your sweat may contain some traces of urine. So you decide

Is it true that pee and sweat are like cousins?

They are similar yes because its way that the human body excretes " trash", and its possi le that the same excrememts are found in both urine and sweat. Not 100% sure, but almost certain. and when you think about it, urine and sweat stains are both yellow.

Which animal produces very little sweat and urine?

a camel produces very little sweat and urine

Is your sweat actually urine?

No. sweat comes from glands in your skin and is excreted to keep you cool. urine is waste

Can you sweat THC out of your urine?

can you sweat THC out of ur urine i smoked weed this morning and have job interview tomorrow

Can you sweat out your urine?


Will xanax and Klonopin show up the same thing in a urine lab drug test?

No, Xanax and Klonopin will not show up as the same thing in a urine drug test.

How does sweat differ from urine?

The sweat gets rid of excessive body heat & the urine is the fluid waste of the body

Is sweat urine?

NO. One day me and my friend where going to cheeleading as soon as it got finish her brother was sweating cuse he plays foot and she said to her brother that sweat is pee i said no it isnt her mom said yes she is kindaa right and i said ok the next day my friends told me no it issnt urine and sweat are to defferent thing i belive

Will opana and percocet show up as same thing on a urine drug test?

Yes they will show up the same in a urine test.

What would happen if your body did not sweat or excrete urine?

If our body did not sweat or excrete urine the toxic waste is given in to the body and it will lead to a lot of illness

Sweat and urine contain excess water?


What causes strong perspiration odor?

Sweat is what causes body odor. Sweat has the same chemical makeup as your urine at that time. So it depends on what you have ingested. Body odor is actually the drying/fermentation of your sweat. Which is why it can smell so strong. It's been concentrated.

When you sweat what do you sweat out?

what you sweat out is practicaly the same as urine.From what I know, you sweat to cool yourself down, but if you are like a sauna, then you sweat out impurities.You sweat out salt, water, and other metabolic wastes that are in your skin; and yes, the primary purpose is to cool the body by evaporation, whether outdoors or in a sauna. (Your bodydoes not know the difference!)

Does lortab and percocet show up as the same thing in urine test?


Will garlic clean THC and cocaine out your urine?

No, but it will give your sweat, urine, and feces a pungent, garlicky odor.

Sweat is made of water and what else?

Sweat is made of ,water,urine,salt, and other things that are wasted in your body

What is in sweat and urine?

Water, Salt, and Urea

What are 3 ways that water leaves your body?

Sweat and Urine

Will Tylenol 3 and xanax show as the same thing in a urine test for probation?

No they will not show as the same thing. Xanax is a benzodiazapine (sp?) and the codeine in Tylenol 3 is an opiate. The benzodiazapine isn't something that is "normally" tested for in a job urine test but it can definatly be detected in in a urine test that is looking for it.