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Is tatsuki a boy?

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Arisawa Tatsuki is a character in the Japanese anime, Bleach.

She is a girl, but is very tomboyish, displaying few feminine traits and even ranking as the second strongest student in her age group in all of Japan.

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When was Yoshihiro Tatsuki born?

Yoshihiro Tatsuki was born in 1937.

When was Tatsuki Nara born?

Tatsuki Nara was born on 1993-09-19.

When was Tatsuki Kobayashi born?

Tatsuki Kobayashi was born on 1985-05-05.

When was Tatsuki Machida born?

Tatsuki Machida was born on 1990-03-09.

Does taskue like ichigo?

Do you mean Tatsuki? Tatsuki and Ichigo are best friends, but nothing more than that.

Does tatsuki like ichigo?

Tatsuki and Ichigo used to be good friends in their karate class together, but i dont think Tatsuki considers Ichigo more than a friend. -Miz Ishida Abarai :D

What has the author Yasuo Tatsuki written?

Yasuo Tatsuki has written: 'General trend of Japanese opinion following the end of war'

What has the author Tatsuki Mikami written?

Tatsuki Mikami has written: 'Management and productivity improvement in Japan' -- subject(s): Industrial management, Industrial productivity

Who is Orihime's best friend?

her best friends Tatsuki Arisawa

Which episode of bleach does Tatsuki cry?

i dont kno the number of the episode..but i think it was "The princess and the Dragon" episode when Orahime finds out about her powers...

How long has Tatsuki known Ichigo?

they first met at the dojo when they where four, but didn't really become close until ichigo's mother died. (they were nine)

Does tatsuki love ichigo?

Yeah,probably.Because she knew him since her childhood and also got very jealous when orihime said that ichigo and rukia were walking together.

What actors and actresses appeared in Zekuu - 2006?

The cast of Zekuu - 2006 includes: Ayano Kondo as Tatsuki Hayato Nakagawa as Atsusi Miyou Tange as Shinobu

Does tatsuki like anyone in bleach?

I think that there have been very very verry slight hints towards her and Ichigo b ut she doest realy like like anyone.

Are some of bleach characters gay?

Yes, here's the list: Tatsuki and Chizuru (both have a crush on Inoue) Sentarou (has a crush on his Captain - Ukitake) Yumichika (he's kinda gay by all means)

Who is in Ichigo's class?

Basically, all his Living World friends: - Inoue Orihime - Ishida Uryuu - Sado Yasutora (Chad) - Arisawa Tatsuki - Honsho Chizuru - Asano Keigo - Kojima Mizuiro I guess that's it ^^

Who knows Ichigo is a soul reaper?

1:well tasky now he is because after her and orihime got attacked by her dead brother she has Sean him fighting hollows and she has seen other soul reapers and gost like ichigo .and all his friends now he is. you will have to read the manga or watch episodes to find out more.1 1/2. well not necessarily tatsuki because if i remember correctly when orihime got attacked tatsuki couldn't see the hollow that attacked them and if she couldn't see the hollow she couldn't have seen ichigo in his soulreaper form.2: Tatsuki ArisawaOrihime InoueYasutora SadoKeigo AsanoMizuiro KojimaKisuke UraharaYoruichi ShihōinTessai TsukabishiUryū IshidaUruru TsumugiyaJinta HanakariKarin KurosakiKonVizard'sGotei 13Soul Society

What is the origin of the character 'Orihime' in the series 'Bleach'?

Orihime Inoue's origins begin in Karakura Town. She is a student at Karakura High. In her class, she is joined by her best friend Tatsuki Arisawa and also Ichigo Kurosaki.

What actors and actresses appeared in Astro Blaze - 2004?

The cast of Astro Blaze - 2004 includes: Dana Moonfire as himself Kate Raudenbush as herself Tish Tryon as herself Tatsuki Watase as himself Gary Yamasaki as himself

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