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Is tenerife part of Europe?

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Tenerife is an island in the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands are located off the coast of Africa, but they are owned by Spain and thus a part of Europe.

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Is Tenerife in Europe?

Tenerife has been part of Spain since 1496. Tenerife is also a province of Spain and is therefor part of the European Union and belongs therefor to Europe. Tenerife is part of the most southerly islands of Europe very close to the western side of Africa.

Which continent is Tenerife in?

Tenerife is part of Europe. It is one of the Canary islands, which are off the northwest coast of Africa, but belong to Spain.

Why does Tenerife receive EU money if not part of Europe?

Tenerife is in Europe. It is an island belonging to Spain. Spain is a country in Europe. Spain is also a member of the European Union. So Tenerife can get money from the European Union.

Is Tenerife located in Europe?

Tenerife belongs to Europe (Spain) but is west of Africa.

Is Tenerife in north Europe or south Europe?

Tenerife is in the south of Europe. It is an island south of the mainland of Europe and off the northwest coast of Africa.

Is Tenerife classed as Europe for insurance?

Tenerife is a Spanish island, so it would be covered under insurance relating to Europe.

What is the currency in tenerife?

EUR - Euro, because Tenerife is part of Spain.

What country is Tenerife part of?

Tenerife is in the Canary Islands, which belong to Spain.

Is tenerife in western Europe?

No, Tenerife is in Africa; it is an island in the Spanish Canary Islands off the southwest coast of Morocco.

What continent is Tenerife in?

Tenerife is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Africa, which is part of Spanish territory and has received cultural influences from North Africa, Europe and the Americas, having been at the crossroads between all three of these continents since the 16th Century. Hence, geographically Tenerife is in Africa, politically, it's in Europe and culturally, it is a least partly in America. Tenerife is part of the archipelago called Canary Islands, while the Canary Islands belong to Macaronesia. Macaronesia which inludes Tenerife is totally unique and unlike Africa because of its isolated geography, geology and climate.

What currency is used in tenerife?

Due to Tenerife being a part of Spain, the currency is the Euro.

What was the currency in tenerife before the euro?

Tenerife is part of Spain, so its currency was the Peseta.

Is tenerife eu country?

Tenerife is an island in the Spanish Canary Islands, being a part of Spain. They are a part of the European Union since they are an integral part of Spain.

Is the island of Tenerife part of Spain?

Yes, it is.

Does Tenerife use euros?

Tenerife is an integral part of Spain and uses the Euro just like the rest of Spain!

Is Tenerife part of the European Union?

Tenerife is an island belonging to Spain and Spain is a member of the European Union, so the answer is yes.

What is the financial currency of tenerife?

Tenerife is part of Spain, which is one of the European countries using the Euro. (It is divided into 100 centimos.)

Is Tenerife a member of the EU?

Tenerife is part of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands which is part of Spain, a member of the EU. Therefore Tenerife is a Spanish island where the locals speak Spanish and the local currency is the Euro like elsewhere in Spain and the European Union.

Who is the president of tenerife?

it is part of Spain. They have a king and a prime minister

What is the flooding in Tenerife?

Tenerife has not flooding.

What is Tenerifes Religion?

As Tenerife is part of Spain, its religion is predominantly Roman Catholic.

Which is better tenerife or costa dorada?


How do you get from Tenerife to UK without flying?

There are a couple of ferry companies that sail from Tenerife to the Spanish or Portuguese mainland in Europe. From there, you can drive up to somewhere like Calais and take the cross-Channel ferry or the Channel Tunnel to the UK.

How was Tenerife made?

Tenerife is an island of volcanic origin.

Is Tenerife part of Spain or Africa?

Tenerife is part of Canary Islands and they belong to Spain. It is off the coast of Africa, but not part of Africa (not true!).Actually the Canary islands are geographically considered part of the African Atlas mountain range and therefore are considered part of the African continent. In fact you can see parts of Moroccos and Western Sahara from the eastern part of the Islands.In the same way that the U.K owns Bermuda (Part of North America) or The Falkland Islands (South America), and used to own Hong Kong (Part of Asia), the Canaries exist on a seperate continent to the mother country of Spain. Likewise other nations that exist in two continents are Russia (Europe and Asia), Turkey (Europe and Asia) and Egypt (Africa and Asia).